Top Push Presents & Baby Baubles

You’ve spent nine months (plus!) carrying that beautiful baby. Congrats—you deserve a gold medal! Or at the very least a fabulous push present. You worked hard for it, lady. Here are the top 10 push presents of choice from new moms.

Something Sparkly 1 of 10
"I was fortunate enough to receive a beautiful pair of diamond earrings from my husband after we had our first and only child. Was it necessary? No. Was it an unbelievably special gift that oftentimes will help me recall one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences of my life? Absolutely." —Annaliese
A Dazzly Thank-You 2 of 10
"My husband got me a pretty necklace. I don't think it is commercializing the pregnancy or birthing experiences, or saying that the baby is not enough, but it is a way for your husband to say, 'Thank you for everything you have done to bring this beautiful child of ours into the world.'" —Debbie
Jewels for Mom 3 of 10
"My 'reward' for all the hard work has been the happiness and peace we've had as a family, the new discoveries I've made about my husband as I've watched him grow into fatherhood, and the delight on my son's face as he runs to us squealing 'Dada ... Mama ...' after a long day. As for the material stuff, once we're done having kids, I hope I'm lucky enough to get a mother's necklace or similar keepsake that represents all of us as a family. In the meantime, I expect and want nothing else."
— B
Lovely New (Well-Fitting) Duds 4 of 10
"My father gave me a push gift after the birth of my third child: a new dress to wear home from the hospital. It made me feel great. After the birth of our fourth, fifth, and sixth children, my husband gave me push gifts and cards with sweet notes inside. He also gave small gifts to the nurses and doctors because he appreciated the great care and attention I received. Push gifts are not called for, but I appreciated the thought that went into them." —Dianna
Favorite Figurines 5 of 10
"I plan to collect one parent-child statue for each baby born, so that when my children grow up and move out of the house, I will have something to remind me of their baby days and what a joy it was to give birth to them and raise them." —Sarah
A New Place to Relax 6 of 10
"My daughter was by far the best present I could have ever asked for in my life! But I did really like coming home from the hospital to a brand new king-size bedroom set that I had been wanting for months. I thought it was awesome that my husband went to all the trouble to make me and our new miracle feel so comfortable. Late-night breastfeeding was great in the king-size bed!" —Brandi
A Bunch of Love 7 of 10
"When it comes down to it, you have gone through a really rough time in order to bring a healthy baby into the world, and your husband hasn't been able to really help you with it. So whether it is by giving her jewelry or just flowers, I think it is important for a woman to know that her efforts and suffering are appreciated by her partner." —Debbie
New Wheels 8 of 10
"This wasn't my best 'Baby Prize' but it was necessary after I had my third child in as many years. I got a gift that I think no mother really ever wants, but I needed it in order to cart my three little kiddies around: a minivan!" —Stephanie
A Dose of Help 9 of 10
"The best gift you can ever receive is the father doing when the baby arrives. My husband did everything for me and the baby the first couple of weeks after we brought our little one home. He did everything but breastfeed." —Ashley
A Late-Night Treat 10 of 10
"My best present is my husband taking the baby night shift. That gift is more precious than diamonds!" —Lynde
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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