Rachel Zoe on Her Tiny Bump: I'm Just Not Used To Eating

Rachel Zoe is 8 months pregnant and still barely showing. The famously skinny celebrity fashionista has been getting flak for her unusually small belly. Zoe and her friends have a few different explanations for her tininess.

From an article in In Touch Weekly:

“Rachel Zoe recently confessed to her pregnancy cravings: love-calorie [sic] strawberries and grapefruit. Perhaps that’s why Zoe’s silhouette is still so shockingly slim, even though she’s eight months along.” Though those foods certainly seem healthy, they don’t offer much in the way of fats or protein. And though gaining only a small amount during pregnancy isn’t necessarily a problem,  some seem to think that Zoe may be risking her baby’s health with her low weight gain.

“Dr. Howard Kurtz, a NYC ob-gyn, estimates that Rachel has gained only around 15 pounds, which he says is on the very low end of the healthy range for someone as far along as she is. Dr. Kurtz says that a woman with her build should have gained “about 15 pounds to 25 pounds” by this point, or Rachel risks delivering a baby with low birth weight.”

Some of the other explanations are even more concerning:

“One friend says that Rachel is “not used to eating three meals a day, so it’s very difficult. She says she’s not much hungrier than she was before.” However, the friend adds that her husband “is making sure that she is eating right.”

Another friend suggests that her apparent lack of a bump is just an illusion: “She’s a fashionista. I think she’s trying to dress a certain way to cover it. The baby’s very healthy, and she’s taking off work soon.”

Rachel Zoe is a perfect example of the other side of the weight gain coin. We seem to have entered a Goldilocks age when it comes to pregnancy weight. Gain too much and you put your baby at risk. Gain too little and you put your baby at risk. But the pressure to be “just right” can make eating feel like a complicated math problem.

Is Rachel Zoe just a naturally skinny woman who doesn’t happen to be hungry during pregnancy, or does she have an eating disorder? We may never know for sure—and I’d say that’s not a bad thing. If she is struggling with a serious problem like anorexia or bulimia during pregnancy, does she need everyone in the world to know about it?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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