Rachel Zoes $87,000 Nursery vs. My $89 Nursery

Rachel Zoe
You kind of have to wonder what Baby Skyler will get for his first birthday since he already has everything. Literally.

Celebrity stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe is no stranger to glamour. She dresses such A-listers as Kate Hudson and Demi Moore. Her husband gifted her with a 10-carat diamond ring as a push present after giving birth to their first child. And the good life in her family doesn’t stop at her 5-inch Louboutin’s, either. Her son, 4-month-old Skyler, is already getting used to living like royalty, too.

Zoe has reportedly spent $87,000 on Skyler’s clothes and nursery. From a $1,400 Hermes blanket with two matching $522 cushions to a $1,000 wooden bassinet, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the platinum spoon that Skyler must eat with is actually encrusted with black diamonds.

It kind of makes me feel bad, because I’ve spent all of $89 ($118.77 with tax and shipping) on my daughter’s nursery. Hopefully when she makes her debut later this month she won’t meet Skyler anytime soon to compare notes on what their moms did (and, uh, didn’t do) upon their arrival.

Still, I’m kind of OK with my daughter’s wardrobe and her room, which she’ll be sharing with her 3-year-old sister. Do you think Sklyer is bunking up with anyone, too? Think he’ll wear any hand-me-downs? Just curious.

Take a look at how my daughter’s nursery and wardrobe stacks up against Skyler’s:

  • Skyler’s Gucci Bomber Jacket ($1,160) 1 of 10
    Skyler's Gucci Bomber Jacket ($1,160)
    This is an adult version, which I'm sure Skyler will have in all colors of the rainbow by the time he reaches manhood — you know, his bar mitzvah (age 13).
  • My Daughter’s Hand-Me-Down Snowsuit (Free) 2 of 10
    My Daughter's Hand-Me-Down Snowsuit (Free)
    I think it came from a neighbor. Can't really remember. It might not merit a shot in Vogue, but hopefully it'll keep her butt warm when the first snowflakes hit later this year.
  • Skyer’s Tod’s Loafers ($150) 3 of 10
    Skyer's Tod's Loafers ($150)
    These are among the pieces of pricey footwear that grace the well-heeled floor of Skyler's closet.
  • My Daughter’s Target Shoes ($6.99) 4 of 10
    My Daughter's Target Shoes ($6.99)
    These actually belonged to my first daughter, although I can't remember if she ever actually wore them. Note to Rachel Zoe: Babies don't really need shoes, but I'm sure the shoe salespeople working on commission appreciated your Black American Express card anyway.
  • Skyler’s Silver Piggy Bank ($1,355) 5 of 10
    Skyler's Silver Piggy Bank ($1,355)
    It's unclear whether the piggy bank can hold as much money as it's worth.
  • My Daughter’s Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank ($3) 6 of 10
    My Daughter's Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank ($3)
    This was actually mine when I was a kid. I took it from my parent's house last month. I'm willing to be there's at least $3 worth of change in there.
  • Skyler’s Crib ($914) 7 of 10
    Skyler's Crib ($914)
    I imagine this is what Skyler's crib looks like. Unless they were able to find an actual castle for $914.
  • My Daughter’s Crib (Free) 8 of 10
    My Daughter's Crib (Free)
    She'll be sleeping in a bassinet for the first several months. But then we'll take this crib out from under our bed and assemble it. She'll be the fifth kid in my family in 11 years to use it. So when you figure out the cost per use, I think the store where it was originally purchased probably owes us some money.
  • Skyler’s Oeuf Mini-Library ($650) 9 of 10
    Skyler's Oeuf Mini-Library ($650)
    Contrary to what was stated above, Skyler's shoes don't rest on the floor. They cool their heels on this contraption.
  • My Daughter’s Changing Table ($89, or $118.77 With Tax and Shipping) 10 of 10
    My Daughter's Changing Table ($89, or $118.77 With Tax and Shipping)
    As you can see, we put her shoes under the changing table, which is currently located in the closet until we make room for it elsewhere.


Images: Creative Commons + Meredith Carroll

Source: Us Magazine


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