Raising A Daughter? 10 Things You Need To Know

“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.” – Laurel Athedon

Be prepared for the hormones. Be prepared for the tears. And be prepared for the drama. Oh girl, you have no idea! As a momma to 4 amazing girls, they have their moments. And let me tell you – they are anything but amazing, just like any kids. But, most of the time they are great girls and I am a lucky mom to have my 4 Little Women. However, I don’t think I realized what my mom went through with my sister and I until now. Oh my gosh. God Bless her! My sister and I are 5 years apart but now, we are the best of friends. Ask me that when I was about 10 and I would have said the total opposite. I was quite bossy in our home videos if I do say so myself. But I know, we weren’t easy. I am sure that we were everything BUT, especially during those lovely teenage years.  And well, as my mom would say; pay back is hell. Now I know just what she meant and what it’s like raising girls.

I love the headbands, the pink, the bows, ruffles, Barbie’s, American Girl dolls….the list goes on. But I could do without the attitude, drama, picky eating, and well…this list goes on too! I do wish these gals could have come with a disclaimer because I would have never known all the things you go through when raising a little girl. So I thought I would give those mommas out there, expecting their little princess, just what to expect as you go on this journey to raise your daughter. Don’t worry, deep down inside, they are simply lovely and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

After the jump, read the 10 things  you should know about raising a sweet (but saucy) little girl and meet my girls. They really should have a handbook on these things…..

  • You Just Have To Laugh 1 of 11
    You Just Have To Laugh
    On the days where nothing is going right, your 2 year old gets into your make-up, or spills their juice cup all over the floor. You have to learn to laugh at the little things - even if they drive you insane. When you have girls, you will learn to let go of the perfections and embrace the imperfections.
    My girls, showing their best manners during a photo shoot. A moment where I just had to laugh because everything was going wrong.
  • Pick Your Battles 2 of 11
    Pick Your Battles
    The fashionista that I am, I would never think these words would be coming out of my mouth, but they have - many times. If they want to wear stripes with polka dots and four headbands. Let them. You won't win and it will be an ongoing battle. You have to learn to pick your battles or else, you will be battling it out every 30 minutes. If they want the black bow instead of the pink or if she puts her shirt on backwards and wants to wear it proud, just let it be. I know, it's hard but I can tell you - it's worth it, for the both of you.
    McKenzie, when she was 4, piling on the necklace before heading out the door. PS - Don't mind the toddler feet in the background.
  • Help Build Their Confidence 3 of 11
    Help Build Their Confidence
    She dresses herself for church. She comes out in a neon tutu, striped pants, a turtleneck and 5 necklaces topped with 2 bows. Don't freak out. No matter what is happening in that moment where you want to freak out - always remind her, she is beautiful and the outfit was perfect. You will have many moments where they lack self confidence, it's your job as a parent to remind them, they are just perfect. Girls will always need a little boost!
    Zoe is rocking her confidence in a new outfit before school.
  • Sibling Love 4 of 11
    Sibling Love
    If you have other children, you have learned that they have their moments of getting along. But, most of the time, they become the best of friends. Even if there is a big age difference, encourage them to play together. Don't worry, sibling rivary is very common, especially with girls. We've learned to spend a lot of time together and the girls have become not just sisters, but friends.
    Kennadi, my 2 year old pushing Sadie, my 1 year old. The best of friends!
  • Always Listen 5 of 11
    Always Listen
    Give them a chance to talk. No matter how many questions they have, or how many minutes past bedtime it is - talk to them. Little girls love conversation. One day, they may not want to talk to you much so value your time, as much as you can. It helps them learn that you aren't just a parent, or a mother, but a friend too.
    Kennadi had to take a very important phone call during her mid-opening of her Valentine's Day presents. They will talk, so always listen!
  • Never Compare 6 of 11
    Never Compare
    This goes for you if you have more than one girl. No matter who is the oldest or who is the youngest - don't let birth order get in the way. Give them each some of your time alone as well as leadership opportunities. Let them shine on their own as individuals. Treat them the same.
    Big sisters meeting their preemie sister for the first time.
  • Get Them To Bed Early 7 of 11
    Get Them To Bed Early
    Girls are never good on no sleep. I repeat, never. The next morning will be dreadful. Girls really do need their beauty sleep!
    Kennadi passed out. Completely pooped after 4th of July. The hand in her diaper thing? That was totally random but cute!
  • Be An Active Role Model 8 of 11
    Be An Active Role Model
    Like mother, like daughter. I can't tell you how many times my 5 year old wants to put on a skinny belt mid-section because I have one on. Or, how many times my 2 year old tries to put on earrings even though she doesn't have her ears pierced. They are always looking up to you even when you aren't paying attention. Girls pay attention to the detail and are aware of everything going on. No matter how busy you are make sure you preserve time to talk and listen to your daughter daily.
    A throw back picture of 3 of my 4 girls.
  • Don’t Yell, Always Remain Calm 9 of 11
    Don't Yell, Always Remain Calm
    Girls are so sensitive. Let me repeat, so sensitive. My 2 year old cries if I even gently tell her no. It doesn't get easier as they get older because once they hit that pre-teen age well, hello raging hormones. Just remember to talk to her like you would want someone to talk to you. Always think before you talk because that light joke you thought was funny maybe bring on the tear drops.
    My youngest, Miss Sadie.
  • Monitor Yourself 10 of 11
    Monitor Yourself
    I've learned to only ask my husband "Does this make me look fat, pretty, okay?" from now on because I found my 5 year old starting to mimic me and my 9 year old worrying over being skinny. Curb your negative thoughts so that it stops them from thinking negative about themselves. It might not seem like they are listening but I promise, they truly are hearing every word. Your words and actions are important. If you are putting on mascara to "look pretty" remind them, it's fun to put up make-up but you don't need to be beautiful. When you question your appearance, it might be best if you just keep it to yourself.
    My Little Women.
  • Sister…Is A Friend Forever 11 of 11
    Sister...Is A Friend Forever
    Me + my sister Katlyn. She is the best!


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