Readers Chime In: The Baby Product That Was A Waste of Money To Us Was …

Last week I wrote a post titled “8 Baby Products I Can’t Believe We Wasted Money On” and the response I got — you would assume I had written some post bashing every parent on the planet. I was not prepared for some of the comments telling me that I was putting my kids in danger, that they felt sorry for my husband (ps, we have a great intimate life even though we still co-sleep with our youngest), that I must be some young kid who has no idea what I was talking about. It was, well, interesting.

I thought I had made it clear in my post that these products were a waste of money for us. I am not clueless and totally get that not everyone co-sleeps (though I do believe everyone should) and wasn’t saying that no one should ever buy these products. I was just mentioning that after having three children, those essential items were a total waste of money — for us. You know, offering a different perspective, not suggesting that these products never be bought or sold ever again.

I know that I am not the only parent who bought into the ‘essential list’ and later found that some of those products just didn’t work for us, so we asked you.

Click through to read some of the products Babble readers felt were a waste of money for them:

  • Warmers 1 of 10
    "Wipe warmer & bottle warmer" - Carmina
    Photo credit: Stephen Cummings on Flickr
  • Pacifier 2 of 10
    "Hats, pacifiers and a bottle sanitizer. I never went for the diaper pail or wipes warmer - learned that was a waste from other mommies." - Vanessa
    Photo credit: p886 on Flickr
  • Swing 3 of 10
    "The baby swing. My little one never liked it much." - Tonia
    Photo credit: jencu on Flickr
  • Infant Car Seat 4 of 10
    Infant Car Seat
    "Infant carseat! My son outgrew it by the time he was 3 months old. I would definitely go with a convertible carseat from the get go." - Amanda
    Photo credit: Debs (ò‿ó)♪ on Flickr
  • Receiving Blankets 5 of 10
    Receiving Blankets
    "Receiving blankets, we have like 60 of them!!! Who really uses them??" - MaLisa
    Photo credit: sewwithjan on Flickr
  • High Chair 6 of 10
    High Chair
    "The high chair with all the bells and whistles. It took up way too much space" - Kristen
    Photo credit: rockbadger on Flickr
  • Pumping Bra 7 of 10
    Pumping Bra
    "A sports bra like apparatus that would hold your electric breast pump for pumping on the go." - Kaitlyn
    Photo credit: Jerry Bunkers on Flickr
  • Sling 8 of 10
    "A sling! Couldn't figure out how to use it!" - Andrea
    Photo credit: freshasakitten on Flickr
  • Baby Bath 9 of 10
    Baby Bath
    "The bath tub for babies. I just used a regular tub. oh a kitchen sink." - Rose
    Photo credit: jessicafm on Flickr
  • Bassinet 10 of 10
    "Bassinet...I had kids that came out half grown though." - Kathy
    Photo credit: uscpsc on Flickr


Photo credit: USCPSC on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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