Readers Respond: What Smell Did You Find Most Offensive While Pregnant?

What Smell Do You Find Most Offensive While Pregnant?If you’re pregnant or have ever been pregnant I bet there was a time in there that something hit you that instantly made you feel sick.

For each of my pregnancies I had the “joy” of the over-sensitive nose symptom. I could walk into a room and smell everything — good and bad, but mostly bad. I had a long list of foods and smells that would make me vomit instantly and it was not fun, but many pregnant women have this to some degree or another.

Some smells are harder to avoid than others — others on our ‘do not come near me’ list catch us by surprise and the most common ones are pretty normal things. Yesterday I wanted to know what smells were the most offensive to you while you were pregnant — to see if my chicken and smoke aversions were common. I asked on my Facebook page and Twitter account and found that many smell aversions were quite common among women who’ve been pregnant.

Click through to see 15 responses to the question “what smell did you find most offensive while pregnant”:

  • Onion 1 of 15
    Raw onions, green onions and fried onions were all common offensive smells.
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  • Fake Peaches 2 of 15
    Fake Peaches
    One reader stated that she hated the smell of 'fake peaches' and it would always induce vomiting.
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  • Household Cleaners 3 of 15
    Household Cleaners
    From brand-specific hair cleaners to generic laundry detergent -- the ones with strong smells seemed to be a common offensive smell.
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  • Kitchen Sink 4 of 15
    Kitchen Sink
    When you're pregnant you can sometimes get the symptom of the hyper-sensitive nose that can smell anything. One reader shared that the offensive smell came from her kitchen sink.
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  • Pet Food 5 of 15
    Pet Food
    From dry dog food to wet cat food -- feeding the pets of the household seemed to be one of those "for the husband" chores since they caused a lot of vomiting among pregnant women.
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  • Alcohol 6 of 15
    Some readers shared that their aversion to the smell was brand specific and others shared any and all alcohol smell was the culprit.
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  • Ground Beef & Steak (+ Chicken) 7 of 15
    Ground Beef & Steak (+ Chicken)
    By far the biggest response I got to the question was "cooking ground beef," but also many hated the smell of chicken no matter how it was prepared.
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  • Cat Litter Box 8 of 15
    Cat Litter Box
    This was one of my biggest complaints too and it's nice to know I'm not alone.
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  • Popcorn 9 of 15
    Who hates the smell of popcorn? Pregnant women of course -- it's a strong smell.
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  • Raisins 10 of 15
    One reader shared that raisins were the bane of her pregnancy, "Still to this day, raisins will provoke a gag reflex in seconds."
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  • Fish 11 of 15
    This one is not necessarily a surprising entry for this list. I can't really stand the smell when I am not pregnant. Salmon is specifically disgusting. Fish is really a no-no smell for pregnant women.
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  • Men 12 of 15
    From the natural smell of a husband to the deodorant, men made the list and well... sorry fellas, but it's true!
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  • Junky Engine Car Smell 13 of 15
    Junky Engine Car Smell
    No one really likes the smell of burning car oil, but pregnancy can make it even more unbearable.
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  • Eggs 14 of 15
    Scrambled eggs was the biggest complaint smell, but some just answered 'egg' in general. Another common one, ladies!
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  • Coffee 15 of 15
    There were a few who wrote and said coffee had been banned in their house. And that was coming from previous coffee drinkers too! They were just as surprised!
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