Readers Share Their Biggest Fears When it Came to Labor and Childbirth

Biggest fears of childbirth and laborBringing another human into the world is kind of a big deal.

With “big deal things” tend to come a lot of fears, insecurities and add our love for the kids to that there are a lot of fears that are bound to bubble up.

The anticipation of pain, more serious medical intervention or something embarrassing happen during labor were all concerns I had when I was preparing to bring a baby into the world. Turns out I am not alone too!

Many women have common fears when things start getting real and labor and childbirth are imminent. Even the most calm and prepared woman may have a lingering fear in the back of their minds, and many of us have certain fears and concerns in common.

Click through to read which fears of childbirth and labor were real for fellow women:

  • Death 1 of 12
    "Honestly? Dying." - Lori
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  • Cleft Palate 2 of 12
    Cleft Palate
    "I didn't have any until my last child - I was so afraid he would be born with a cleft palate just like his sister." - Lauren
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  • Missing Out 3 of 12
    Missing Out
    "My husband missing it (he was 3hrs away for work) and the baby getting stick after hrs of pushing and having a c-section." - Lindsey
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  • Birth In a Cab 4 of 12
    Birth In a Cab
    "For my second: giving birth in the cab or experiencing back labor again." - Karin
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  • Not Knowing & Damage 5 of 12
    Not Knowing & Damage
    "First time round was pain/not knowing what would happen, second time round was fear of damage from delivery." - Karen
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  • Not Getting There on Time 6 of 12
    Not Getting There on Time
    "Towards the end, it was probably not getting there on time. I worked 2 hours away — and I worked until the day before I went into labor — so I was always afraid that I'd go into labor at work. I actually sent my commuting friend info. on emergency deliveries in case we had to pull over on the side of the road and have her deliver" - Michelle
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  • Baby’s Health 7 of 12
    Baby's Health
    "Losing the baby." - Sara
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  • Something Happening 8 of 12
    Something Happening
    "Not being able to have another [because] of a mess up!!" - Niki
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  • Responsibility 9 of 12
    "Taking care of a teeny tiny human being." - Liz
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  • Intervention 10 of 12
    "Needing a c-section" - Casi
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  • Unknowns 11 of 12
    "My biggest fear was all of the "unknowns" - I am a bit of a planner - so not having control over what was going to happen to me, or how I was going to cope was the scariest thing for me" - Aliesha
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  • Labor Mishap 12 of 12
    Labor Mishap
    "Um...pooping." - Ali
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:: What was/is your biggest fear when it comes to labor and birth? ::


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