Readers Share: Their Grossest, Weirdest or Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Grossest, Weirdest or Most Embarrassing Pregnancy SymptomsGuess what? Pregnancy is not always glamorous. If you’re very newly pregnant, hoping to be, or trying to get pregnant, than I feel like I must warn you. Sorry if I just ruined something for you there, but I like to tell the truth.

We have heard of the spotlight symptoms like morning sickness and aches & pains. There’s even some “stranger” ones, like the effect the hormones have on your hair and your (duh-duh-duh) mood.

While all those are true, there are some women who may experience issues that are not always discussed. However, they are totally common pregnancy symptoms that are, well… kind of “gross.” Fellow Babble writer Ilana shared some of the symptoms  that she has been experiencing. She refers to them as the “unmentionable” symptoms and her honesty has encouraged Babble readers to do us all a solid and share theirs too!

Click through to see what Babble readers consider the grossest, weirdest, or most embarrassing symptom of pregnancy:

Gas” – Amy

The constant burping sucks” – Sammy

Dribbling of pee at the end of the pregnancy!” – Barb

” I would have to say that my water being broken when i was induced was the weirdest feeling…very WARM” – Justina

Definitely leaking pee anytime i freaking sneeze, cough, or just about anything!! More annoying than embarrassing though” – Krystal

Walking farts..” – Ruth

B.O I hate it! I’ve never smelled so bad in my life :/” – Meagan

” I agree with the morning sickness in public, that was embarassing, it has eased off now thank god!! And the leaking of pee, when coughing, sneezing, or laughing” – Rhian

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