7 Hospital Maternity Gowns–One for Every Type of New Mom

With this baby officially due in just a month, I am slowly starting to prepare for my stay in the hospital. I am a very organized person that likes to be prepared early, so I will try to have my bags packed by the end of this week just in case our son decides to make and early arrival.

There are so many things to pack in my bag, but one of the most important is the clothes that I am going to wear during my stay. Delivering a baby can take a toll on your body and you want to be as comfortable as possible while lying in your hospital bed. Although they give you a gown to wear as soon as you are admitted, they aren’t very stylish–and knowing that they’ve been worn several times by others kind of makes me a little bit uneasy.

While looking for the perfect lounge attire for my hospital stay, I was surprised that there were so many options. Check out some of my favorite hospital maternity gowns. No matter what your style, I’m sure you’ll find your perfect outfit for your stay to welcome your new bundle of joy.

  • For the Busy Mom 1 of 7

    Don't have time to organize everything for your hospital bag? This is a set that "has it all." If you are the type that loves wearing your husband's t-shirts to bed, this is a great pick. The long, knee-length nightgown is soft and cozy and the neckline is very easy to pull down if you are nursing. The robe is great to throw on when you make those quick stops to the bathroom or the shower. 

    Get it from Hatch Collection, $248.00

  • For the Chic Mom 2 of 7

    I love sleeping in sleeveless gowns because I tend to get really hot at night. This is a great option for moms who don't like the feel of a gown. It leaves much of your body exposed while still being modest and comfortable. I also love that gown has easy dropdown nursing clips for moms who are breastfeeding. 

    Get it from Belabumbum, $59.00

  • For the Traditional Mom 3 of 7

    No need to use the hospital gowns during your stay, these designer hospital gowns are ones you can wear during labor and beyond. This gown is a great option for mom-to-be to change into as she prepares for the birth of her little one. It also has snaps at the sleeves for nursing moms to easily have access. 

    Get it from Annie and Isabel, $72.00

  • For the Mom On-the-Go 4 of 7

    This is a great versatile piece that can be used as a great lounge piece in the hospital, but can also be used as a nursing dress to wear out and about with baby. If you want something that you can wear around the house, but easily step out in public in, this is a great option for you. The slit right underneath the chest portion of the chest easily comes up for access for nursing moms. 

    Get it from Boob Design, $75.00

  • For the Luxe Mom 5 of 7

    If you want something smooth and silky to keep you comfortable during your stay in the hospital, this is the gown for you. The buttons provide easy access for nursing moms, while the silk material allows for optimal comfort. This is a shirt you will want to wear to bed long after the baby is born. 

    Get it from J. Crew, $98.00

  • For the Modest Mom 6 of 7

    If you prefer to be more modest while staying in the hospital, this is a must-have for your hospital bag. This set includes a camisole that is great for nursing moms, lounge pants that you will love to wear both in bed and walking around the hospital, as well as a robe to help keep you covered up. 

    Get it from Olian Maternity, $143.00

  • For the Mom Who’s Always Cold 7 of 7

    Hospitals can sometimes be cold, which is why this is a great choice to keep you comfortable during your stay. If you prefer a dress with easy access for nursing, but still want something to keep your arms covered and warm, this is it. The lace trim adds a feminine flair.

    Get it from Japanese Weekend, $72.00

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