Ready For Baby: A Nursery Tour

Finally finished and ready for a baby!

With just a few weeks left to go, we are counting down until our baby arrives!  This past weekend, we put the finishing touches on our nursery – hanging artwork, putting up curtains, and washing sheets and clothes.

While I know all a baby really needs in the beginning is food, sleep, and a whole lot of love, I have had so much fun putting this room together and dreaming of rocking him to sleep, changing his little diapers, and singing to him.  And when he is older, he’ll enjoy looking in his mirror, picking out bedtime stories, and splashing in his bathtub.

Here is our labor of love, and a tour of our nursery!

  • Welcome to our nursery! 1 of 14
    Welcome to our nursery!
    Even though we know we are having a boy, we plan to (hopefully) have several more kids, so we did our best to stay pretty gender-neutral. Blues, yellows, and greens are my favorite colors anyways!
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall 2 of 14
    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    When you walk in the nursery, you are immediately greeted by a floor length mirror. I know babies love mirrors and I thought that our little guy would enjoy watching himself in this one, either in my arms or once he's big enough to stand up and see himself!
  • The refurbished dresser 3 of 14
    The refurbished dresser
    We found this dresser with the wood handles at a local farmers market, and I immediately fell in love. We did two small projects to makeover the inside of the drawers and to add the bookshelves on the sides of the dresser. You can read about those here:
    $4 Dresser Drawer Makeover Project
    How We Turned Our Dresser Into a Bookshelf
  • Family photos 4 of 14
    Family photos
    Hanging above the dresser are a few framed family pictures. I want our guy to remember he is surrounded by people (and dogs!) that love him all the time. I really liked these 8x10 frames but didn't want pictures quite that big. I used leftover wrapping paper from our dresser drawer project, and made a striped photo backing to give the frames a bit of a color pop.
  • Looking in… 5 of 14
    Looking in...
    Here is a better view of the main wall of the nursery - crib, glider, and bright sunny windows! Those yellow curtains are supposedly "black out shades" that I picked up at Target. Not sure how much light they are actually blocking, but hopefully it's enough to allow the baby to nap peacefully.
  • The crib and artwork 6 of 14
    The crib and artwork
    I knew that I wanted a natural wood look for our nursery, which was much harder to find than I expected! I'm glad we decided to get a nice sturdy crib that can be used for what we hope to be several babies. Hanging above the crib are two art pieces I love - colorful numbers and the alphabet. My husband spent over an hour bolting these into the wall with L-brackets so that we don't have to worry at all about the art falling or hurting anyone! Better safe than sorry.
  • Rock-a-bye baby 7 of 14
    Rock-a-bye baby
    Next to the crib is our glider, which I have been practicing sitting in already (I can't help myself!). We don't have a lot of sitting space on our third floor, so I know this chair will be a huge help for feedings and soothing our baby to sleep.
  • The open closet 8 of 14
    The open closet
    Across the room from the crib and glider is what used to be a double-door closet. Since our nursery is very small, we really needed to maximize space, and opening up this closet into the room made the most sense. We have another dresser with a changing table top and some storage bins up above to keep things organized.
  • Hidden storage 9 of 14
    Hidden storage
    I didn't want to lose ALL storage since we opened up the closet, so I have some hanging clothes and other items like our laundry basket hiding behind the side panel curtains. It's not a perfect system but it works, and it's definitely the best solution for our tight space.
  • The other side… 10 of 14
    The other side...
    Here is the view from the far side of the room, looking toward the bathroom. Yep, this nursery actually has a bathroom of its own!
  • Rub-a-dub-dub 11 of 14
    I continued a similar look and feel from the nursery into the bathroom, although I will admit the decor is leaning a bit more toward girly than neutral - whoops! All bathroom accessories were picked up on sale at Target, and I love how they go so well with everything else in the room.
  • Baby bath time 12 of 14
    Baby bath time
    While the nursery having its own bathroom is really just a coincidence of our floor plan, it will be so nice to be able to have a separate space for keeping him clean and giving him baths. It will also make it much easier to clean out cloth diapers once we begin that process!
  • A final look 13 of 14
    A final look
    One last look at the room as a whole. My favorite feature of the nursery is our alphabet tree wall decal - it really brings the room to life!
  • Waiting on a baby 14 of 14
    Waiting on a baby
    Now we just need a baby to come occupy his pretty new space! Hurry up!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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