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maternity photos Today I’m starting a new series where real women share their stories of infertility and hope. I’ve found that hearing real success stories actually makes me feel better and more hopeful. Today Lisa was kind enough to share her story. I like it because so often you think that if you’re infertile you’ll have to do IVF in order to get pregnant but Lisa shares that in most cases, the answer is simpler.

After years of prevention, my husband and I finally decided it was “time”. And then I was suppose to get pregnant instantly, right? Not exactly…

After having many missed cycles and many negative pregnancy tests, I decided something must be wrong. It had been about 9 months since I had had a period, and I was definitely not pregnant. Trying not be alarmed, I ventured into the dreaded OBGYN. I’m somewhat of a doctor avoider so I put this off as long as I could hoping things would just figure themselves out.

Going to the doctor was the best decision I ever made. After blood tests, it was discovered that my hormone levels were all out of sorts. My doctor suspected that I had a tumor called a microadenoma on my pituitary gland.

Initially, I was pretty scared and nervous to hear that I had a tumor in my brain. It was confirmed through an MRI that indeed I did have this condition. I was diagnosed with a microadenoma on the pituitary gland, pretty uncommon. Good news was that it was treatable through medication. I will be forever grateful to my doctor for being so thorough to find an answer to my problem.

After a few months of the meds my cycle started once again, I’ve never been so happy to have my monthly visitor! So problem solved right? Not exactly…

After a few more months, I wasn’t understanding why I still wasn’t pregnant. As anyone can tell you that has gone through any type of infertility I was starting to feel somewhat hopeless. I felt somewhat broken. I always wanted to be a mother and this just wasn’t how I saw the my perfect family plan going. Now that I look back I can realize I was being very overly dramatic, but it was very real emotion to me at the time. My doctor then suggested giving me a little jump start. Clomid was the answer for me. It seemed I was a lucky one and this is all my body needed to convince itself to ovulate properly. I finally got to see that coveted + sign!

And now we have our baby Max! Our journey was tough for me at the time, but now I realize how lucky we really were. The moral of my story is just go to the doctor and get the process started. There are so many things they can do to help you, and will give you the much needed support and encouragement you need.

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image: Kelly Hicks

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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