"Just Like My Dog" and Other Reasons We Aren’t Sharing Baby Names

We aren’t sharing the names of our twin boys.

With anyone. Not until after they’re born.

We did with our daughter Bella, and there wasn’t any major drama. I loved her name, Sam did too, but we did get odd and funny responses from some people we told.

“Like the girl from Twilight!” – No. Never read the books. Never saw the movie. Also – just no.

“You can call her Izzy!” – Oooh, but we’re going to call her Bella. I had a friend named Izzy and it was a tough time in elementary school as her name was popular to try to rhyme with everything under the sun.

“We have a dog named Bella!” ::headdesk:: We actually, believe it or not, heard this more than any other of the responses. It was the most hilarious thing. I never knew what to say to it. How fun? They’ll be like name twins? We must have good taste?

“I know so many Bellas already.” Yeah, it was a pretty popular name. I actually didn’t realize it till after we named her and then I started hearing it everywhere. But it was my childhood favorite so dibs since the ’80’s.

Anyway, the reason we chose not to this time was so we’d have a lot longer to decide (we still have no idea), and we’d get something just to ourselves. Between blogging here about my pregnancy and my blog about my life and Twitter and Facebook… sometimes I feel like I’m shared out.

Besides, it’ll be amazing to introduce them and their special names when they arrive to everyone. I’m looking forward to that.

Hopefully we can avoid choosing popular dog names for at least one of them this time around. 🙂

Sorry Bella.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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