Reasons Why Being a Pregnant Bridesmaid is Awesome

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’m a bridesmaid in my brother-in-law’s wedding that is approaching this spring. I have known my husband’s brother since he was 16 years-old and his fiancee is a sweetheart so I’m truly so happy and honored to be included in their wedding!

Now, when I’ve told some of my mom friends that I’m a bridesmaid the news has been met with some groans–“Ooooh, no! You’re going to have to do that while 7 months pregnant?! How uncomfortable!”

To the contrary, I’m actually really excited about it!

  • Let’s Party! 1 of 11
    Let's Party!
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  • The Dress is Comfortable 2 of 11
    The Dress is Comfortable
    This is huge for me. I've worn some bridesmaids gowns in the past that have been uncomfortable on me for whatever reason—too low-cut in the front, too tight in the stomach, etc. But this time my empire-waist gown is loose and flowey and, oh my goodness, it's so comfortable!
  • I Can Eat All I Want 3 of 11
    I Can Eat All I Want
    I'm not going to go completely hog-wild here, but since I don't have to worry about my dress getting too tight I will obviously be going for that second piece of cake!
  • Take Off My Heels 4 of 11
    Take Off My Heels
    The bride chose gorgeous heels for the bridesmaids to wear—I'm looking forward to slipping them on and feeling glam for my walk down the aisle! But I know that as soon as the ceremony is over I'm going to kick them off with no excuses needed!
  • Someone Else Clips My Toenails 5 of 11
    Someone Else Clips My Toenails
    Our fancy shoes are open-toed, so you know what that means—time for a pedicure! My very generous mother-in-law is treating all of the bridesmaids to pedicures before the wedding and I'm just so happy someone else is going to clip my toenails. It's been really hard to reach my feet the last few weeks with this basketball belly in the way.
  • Extra Pampering 6 of 11
    Extra Pampering
    Speaking of pedicures, the bride has decided to hire someone to do our hair and make-up on the morning of the wedding. Squuueeee! This is huge for me because I am very low-maintenance about this stuff. (Read: I'm a moron about hair and make up.) I'm really looking forward to this extra pampering because I'm entering the frumpy phase of pregnancy. It will be fun to feel pretty!
  • Let it All Hang Out 7 of 11
    Let it All Hang Out
    There will be a lot of photos taken and I blatantly know up front that I'm going to look huge in all of them. And that's OK! My belly is ginaormous and I plan on owning it in the photos. There's no shame when you're in your third trimester!
  • Guilt-Free Champagne Sipping 8 of 11
    Guilt-Free Champagne Sipping
    One of the things I've missed most this pregnancy is having an occasional glass of wine or beer at the end of the day. I've been very good and have barely had a sip since holding my pee stick last October. But I plan to happily indulge in a small glass of bubbly during the wedding toast and feel totally guilt-free. This is a very special occasion, after all!
  • Easy Small Talk Topic 9 of 11
    Easy Small Talk Topic
    Being in the wedding party means a lot of small talk with a lot of people I sorta kinda know, but not really. Having a huge baby belly gives me an topic of chatter with half-strangers. After I exchange pleasantries about how far along I am, when I'm due, that I'm having a boy, I'm sure it will be easy to hop to another topic once the ice is broken.
  • I Can Cut the Bathroom Line 10 of 11
    I Can Cut the Bathroom Line
    Everyone always heads to the bathroom at the same time during a reception, like before the toasts or before cake is served. Thankfully, other women seem to understand that when a pregnant lady has to go, she really, really has to GO!
  • Rather be Pregnant 11 of 11
    Rather be Pregnant
    The happy couple almost set their wedding date for this summer, which would have meant I couldn't be in the wedding as I'd be nursing a fussy newborn every hour. I would much rather be pregnant than have to juggle a baby at their wedding!


Were you ever a pregnant bridesmaid?

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