Record Number of Men Trick Women into Pregnancy By Sabotaging Birth Control: Study

Men Who Trick Women into Pregnancy

You always hear those stories of crazy women pricking holes into their man’s condom or lying about taking the pill to “trap” a guy into having a baby with her. (Okay, well, not always, but often enough.) I don’t know about you, but I pity those poor women. How painfully desperate they must be to have a baby. And after trying to become a mother for over 14 months now myself, I know all about being painfully desperate. But there are limits, people.

And tricking someone into becoming a parent is just plain wrong.

But it seems to be what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Er, um, wait. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose?

In any case, men are apparently just as guilty of tricking women into pregnancy as women are of trapping men into fatherhood. At least, that’s what a new study has found.

When I came across the article “Scary Sex: More Men ‘Tricking’ Women into Pregnancy” on Counsel & Heal, I was floored to learn that 16 percent of men trick women into pregnancy by somehow sabotaging their birth control, either by poking holes in their own condoms or actually hiding their lady’s birth control pills.

Hey guys, WTF?

Naturally, at first, I was disgusted with such pathetic dudes. And then I began to feel so terribly sorry for the women who were tricked into a pregnancy they never planned for or wanted. Even though I want nothing more than to have a baby and become a mother, I realize that is not what all women want, and I totally respect a woman’s right to decide for herself when — and if — motherhood is for her.

Of course, the whole topic deserves a deeper look than just my two cents. So here’s what the experts say (as featured on Counsel & Heal), mixed in with my — you guessed it — two cents:

  • Many men have “an intense desire” to start a family, which is why they might get their female partner pregnant against her will. This has the makings of a totally dysfunctional and unhealthy family written all over it. Seriously, do you think that’s the foundation of a good father?
  • Many men who experienced a poor family home of their own want something better. Pretty sure going against your lady’s plans and knocking her up anyway isn’t the way to start “something better.”
  • Some young men want to leave a legacy. Of what, elite douchebaggery? 
  • Apparently, men have ripped out women’s IUDs or taken their money intended for birth control pills. Say what?! 
  • While this was once deemed a problem of low-income, poorly educated women, “pregnancy coercion” (as it’s formerly called) happens to women regardless of socioeconomic or educational background. Basically, this could be your neighbor, ladies. Heck, this could be you.


Source: Counsel & Heal
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