Reflecting on My C-Section

She is cute isn’t she?  I have to say, for someone who caused so many problems while in the womb she certainly is an angel. Since Addie joined our family she has been a complete angel knock on wood of course.

But something I haven’t had time to do is reflect on my feelings about my c-section this time around since it was much different from my first two. I must say I was worried just because I had not had a positive experience with cesarean sections before Addie.   Two labors, two c-sections, and two crappy recoveries, and experiences.

My second c-section I thought I was going to have a full blown anxiety attack during, especially after a whole 26 hour labor before hand.  I think I have blocked out most of my recovery also because it was not positive at all. I can honestly say I do not remember much of the time I spent in the hospital after Ben was born.  I think I remember the day he was born, and the say we went home… and the rest is a giant blur I blocked out. Even after struggling to remember some of the details.

This time around is nothing like either. I knew what I was getting into. I had a scheduled date, plans for the operating room, and a whole new level of control over the situation. Something I had never had with either of my other births.  The control, and planning aspect of it, I fully believe helped to make it a much more positive experience all around.  Although my water broke early, and I had a chance to labor for a little bit, more so because there was a baby in serious distress that truly needed to be delivered before my daughter who was handling labor fine, I still knew in the end what was going to take place.

I had speculated through my pregnancy about a possible VBA2C but as time grew closer, I knew it was not something that would actually happen.

I got my epidural and was on my way to the operating room. The one thing I didn’t like was the 10 minutes my husband wasn’t able to join me for. My anxiety levels went up, as I asked for him repeatedly.  I felt like they were going to start without him, and he was going to miss the birth of his daughter, which in the back of my head was more of my concern than the actual surgery itself.

My anxiety was also slightly high because I know all the complications that go along with multiple c-sections.  The risk of placenta acretta, damage to other organs because of previous healing, etc.   So needless to say, until they had my daughter out, and started sewing me back up, I was on edge that something would go wrong. I was very thankful my OB/GYN talked me through it all and made it clear how perfect everything looked.  No adhesions which was a big worry to me, because I had a lot after my first cesarean that they removed the second time around.

My ovaries, bladder, everything… looked perfect.  Big sigh of relief… even though we aren’t having anymore children.

The one thing I was really bothered by the entire time was the shakes, but I know that no one could really do anything about it. I was shaking uncontrollably for the majority of the surgery. I had minor shakes with my two previous cesareans, but nothing like this. It got to the point where my husband couldn’t hold my hand for a couple minutes. But I am sure if there was something the staff could have done to actually help that, they would have.

Another huge highlight for me was my all star Resident that I had for the delivery of my second son was actually on call that evening, so the number of familiar faces was very comforting.   I had the OB/GYN I originally consulted with, My Resident, and then the labor and delivery nurse I had when I was in labor two years ago with my second son, and the head of neonatology who took care of my oldest son also. There were only two people in the operating room I had not known before getting to the hospital that night, and one I didn’t even interact with, or see at all.

Overall, it was a much better experience than my two unplanned c-sections. There was a level of control I still had, along with knowing this was the best and safest option for myself, and my daughter.

I truly hope that my story and experience can help those who have to face the same type of situation I went through!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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