Revealing Our Baby's Name

Most people warned us not to share our baby’s name until after she was born, but I’ve never been one for secrets.

Most of our friends and family already know her name.  We haven’t gone about announcing it or anything, but when people ask (which is approximately 23 times a day) we just tell them.  I wasn’t going to announce it on my blog or here on Babble though until after she arrived, but I had my baby shower this weekend and I really want to share the photos and since her name was a big part of the theme I’ve decided to just spill the beans.

Neither my husband or myself really care much if people like the name we’ve chosen, but it’s been nice that almost everyone has loved it.  A few think it’s a little too “old lady’ish”, but we don’t mind since we’re quite fond of it.

Find out Baby Hartmann’s name after the jump!

Our little lady will be named Fern.

We like that it’s unique, but not trying to hard and no one will ever misspell it.  It’s cute, yet classic and we think it will grow well with her.  It was also my great grandma’s name, and I think it’s always nice to have a reason behind a name.

So there.  It’s out.  And now, I’m curious…

Are you going to/did you share the baby name you chose for your little one before they arrived?

If you’ve shared it with the world…what was the response?  Have you been swayed at all or are you steadfast in your choice?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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