Room for Two: Shared Nursery Inspiration

Sharing a room with a sibling can create a special bond between them.  I shared a room with my sister up until I was 10 years old.  I credit much of the bond  and relationship that we share to our late night chats in our room and us being able to comfort one another at night if we were scared.  I only hope that my two girls will develop much of the same.

Living in a two bedroom apartment in New York City does not leave us with a lot of room for a family of (soon to be) four with two dogs.  I knew we were going to have a nursery for two even before we got pregnant.  Thankfully Harlan’s room is big enough for another crib and still gives her enough space to play in it.

Since finding out that I was pregnant I have been searching the internet far and wide for shared nursery ideas.  I need optimal storage space, great decorating ideas without painting the walls, and lots of color.

Check out this collection of 15 shared nursery ideas that will make the room for two create a bond between siblings that will last a lifetime!

    • Great Storage 1 of 15
      Great Storage
      Adding the shelving unity in the middle of the cribs is a great idea, especially for small spaces. Love how she put the big letters over the cribs too! Nicegirl Notes
    • Good use of Space 2 of 15
      Good use of Space
      There is a lot of furniture in this room, but it is so nicely placed that it still looks like there is a lot of space in the bedroom. Roomzaar
    • Add and Accent Wall 3 of 15
      Add and Accent Wall
      I love that these bright colors are on one wall and completely make the room. The blue cribs are a great pop of color too! Husohem
    • Lighting 4 of 15
      I have a chandelier for their room but haven't figured out where to put it. I love the idea of side to side cribs with the light in the middle. Design Wagon
    • Window Treatments 5 of 15
      Window Treatments
      This window treatment is such a great focal point of the room. The coral and light blue color combination is gorgeous as well. Project Nursery
    • Soft Colors 6 of 15
      Soft Colors
      This room is close to the color combination I have now. I love the way they incorporated the tan into the pink and green. On To Baby
    • Orange 7 of 15
      I LOVE this orange door in between the two cribs. BP
    • Hanging Mobile 8 of 15
      Hanging Mobile
      This nursery is so simplistic yet stunning. I love the mobiles hanging from the ceiling above each crib. In this Wonderful Life
    • Shelving Solutions 9 of 15
      Shelving Solutions
      Every child's room needs a lot of storage space, especially when sharing a room. I love the floor to ceiling shelves in this room. In this Wonderful Life
    • More Shelves 10 of 15
      More Shelves
      Other than putting the books on the shelves, I love that they put a clothes rack and hung clothes that accented the room. Another great storage solution that is decorative! Apartment Therapy
    • Earth Tones 11 of 15
      Earth Tones
      The colors in this nursery are great and I love the little pops of color with the rug, picture frame, and shoes. The Inspired Room
    • Stripes 12 of 15
      The walls in this nursery are my favorite. I also love the paper pom poms above the nursery! Ohdeedoh
    • Rugs 13 of 15
      This patchwork rug adds so much to this room. Ohdeedoh
    • Bright Colors 14 of 15
      Bright Colors
      The bright colors in this room are placed in all of the right places even with the white walls. I Still Love You
    • Bed Arrangement 15 of 15
      Bed Arrangement
      Great way to place the toddler bed and crib. The pop of red over the crib looks great in the room, too. Ohdeedoh


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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