Runner Gives Birth to Surprise Baby

pregnantlady_ultrasoundEach time one of these stories surfaces in the news I am dumbfounded. And I also feel like a huge complainer.

I read over on The Huffngton Post about a woman named Trish Staine, 33, of Minnesota who had been training hard on Sunday for an upcoming half marathon. She did an intense two hour training session and afterward had pretty severe back pain. By the next morning the pain had only gotten worse, but this mother of two did what many moms would do–try to power through the discomfort and finish her day.

However, by that afternoon the pain was so intense that Staine’s husband rushed her to the hospital where the ER staff detected a fetal heartbeat! She was immediately moved to a Labor and Delivery room “and in what she said seemed like 5 minutes later, her daughter was born at 3:25 p.m. Monday. She weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 18.9 inches long” according to The Huffington Post. They later calculated the baby was born at about 35 weeks.

Oh. Mah. Gah.

I’m sitting here at 9 months pregnant having gained 30 pounds and gone through two rounds of maternity clothes and many hours of complaining about my condition thinking, “Seriously, lady?! You’re making me look really high maintenance right now.” I truly can’t imagine this ever happening to me because my body reacts pretty clearly to pregnancy hormones. But in her defense, she reported that she had not gained any weight and besides, her husband had a vasectomy so she didn’t think getting pregnant was possible. Yikes.

Can you imagine not knowing you were pregnant?

Source: The Huffington Post

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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