Ryan Gosling Home Birth Wisdom

Hey Girl, You're so strong. I love you.

So this Ryan Gosling meme has finally made it around to the topic of homebirth. There are some funny ones–see below!  (The one about the Wax Study kills me.)

Here are a few I’d add. In fact, a couple of these are things I’ve actually heard.

Hey Girl, I’m just going to go let the neighbors know that if they hear a lot of howling in the night, it’s just childbirth.

Hey Girl, I stocked up on Gatorade but the drug store was out of bendy straws, I’ll grab some tomorrow.

Hey girl, I’m gonna call the midwives cause I can’t get the birth tub hose hooked up to the washing machine.

Hey girl, I’m gonna go get take-out  Thai food for the midwives, the doulas, and the apprentices.

Hey girl, if you want to lotus birth, it’s up to you–you’re doing all the hard work, so you make the call.

Oh, I’ll keep going. Check out more after the jump!


Hey Girl, I sure am glad we got that electric water pump to help drain the birth tub, it was like egg drop soup in there.

Hey Girl, What would we have done if the midwife had not gotten here in time?

Hey Girl, You were LOUD.

Hey Girl, I just showed my dad the birth video. (NO, YOU DIDN’T!!)




















































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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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