Same Shape, Same Size, Same (Baby) Weight?

My belly, 38 weeks pregnant, 2009.
My belly, 38 weeks pregnant, 2009.

I wrote last week about how I “do” pregnancy only one way. Seriously, I’m finishing up my 4th pregnancy and they’ve all been stunningly similar. Fortunately for me, I do pregnant pretty well, I’m not complaining.

In 2009, just a few days before I delivered my son, I took a quick photo of the circumference of my belly, 47″ on the dot.

A few days ago, I again measured the circumference of my waist, at the end of this pregnancy, just to see if I was smaller or larger than I was with my son.

True to form, I’m within an inch of where I was at the end of my last pregnancy, between 46″ – 47″.

My belly, 38 weeks pregnant, 2011.
My belly, 38 weeks pregnant, 2011.

Two years ago, my 47″ round belly birthed a baby weighing just shy of 9 pounds, coming in at 8 lbs, 15 inches. I often joke that if he didn’t pee all over me right before he was weighed, he might have been 9 pounds.

While I know there are more important things to worry about than how much this baby weighs, it’s always fun to speculate.

So I’m left to wonder, how much will this baby weigh? Any guesses?

*I’m secretly hoping he’s 9 pounds, because I think it would be fun to say I had a 9 pound baby. But considering how I’m planning on an unmedicated birth, that just might be a suicidal wish for my bottom line, if you know what I mean…

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