Say Anything: Babble Readers Share Their Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Moments

Being pregnant ain’t easy. First, there’s the whole having to deal with an uncontrollable bladder, mood swings, and insane weight gain for almost TEN months, and then, as if that weren’t enough, we have to push a baby human out of a not-baby-human-sized place! Talk about a freaking miracle. In honor of those brave women who have gone where no man has ever gone before, we asked readers to share their most embarrassing pregnancy moments. Remember: it’s easier to laugh when you know it’s not just you! (And it isn’t. You’ll see.)
Jennifer Gimbel

  • False alarm 1 of 13
    False alarm
    "I rolled over in the middle of the night, and my bladder completely emptied. We thought my water broke so we called the hospital. They told me to smell it, but since I drank so much water, it didn't really smell. Then the nurse chuckled on the other end and told me it was just urine and to go back to bed."
    — Submitted by Kate
  • A water park FAIL 2 of 13
    A water park FAIL
    "I tried going down a water slide when I was pregnant and huge, and I got stuck halfway down!"
    — Submitted by Brenda
  • Someone call the Fashion Police! 3 of 13
    Someone call the Fashion Police!
    "I couldn't see my feet, so one time I put on two mismatched shoes — same color, wrong style!"
    — Submitted by Amy Lynn
  • No need to stop for gas 4 of 13
    No need to stop for gas
    "On the way to deliver my firstborn, I farted for five blocks."
    — Submitted by Cheri
  • Tight squeeze 5 of 13
    Tight squeeze
    "I had to ask the guy who parked next to me to move his car because there wasn't enough room for me to open my door and get into the driver's seat. I wanted to die."
    — Submitted by Allyson
  • Whats that smell? 6 of 13
    Whats that smell?
    "When I was about 4 months pregnant, I threw up on my husband after he gave me a hug — his newly applied deodorant made me sick to
    my stomach!"
    — Submitted by Anastasia
  • When pregnant women need potty training … 7 of 13
    When pregnant women need potty training …
    "I was shopping one day and had to sneeze so badly I peed my pants in
    the store!"
    — Submitted by Jennifer
  • Neighborly love 8 of 13
    Neighborly love
    "I got a ride to the hospital from my neighbor, and my water broke on his truck seat!"
    — Submitted by Janis
  • Code Brown 9 of 13
    Code Brown
    "Going number two on the delivery table …"
    — Submitted by Melissa
  • No booth for you! 10 of 13
    No booth for you!
    "Not fitting into a booth when I went out to eat — I was huge!"
    — Submitted by Lisa
  • Ill have a baby with a side of throw up 11 of 13
    Ill have a baby with a side of throw up
    "Throwing up all over the anesthesiologist about two minutes before going in for my emergency C-section … poor guy!"
    — Submitted by Lauren
  • Dr. McDreamy 12 of 13
    Dr. McDreamy
    "When I found out this hot doctor was going to check to see if I was dilated, I freaked out and wouldn't let him near me. (The nurses thought this was hilarious!)"
    — Submitted by Keren
  • Big girls don’t cry … but pregnant girls do 13 of 13
    Big girls don't cry … but pregnant girls do
    "When I laughed really hard at something, it would turn into sobbing. My husband would always joke that I was crazy!"
    — Submitted by Kathryn

What was your most embarrassing pregnancy moment? Tell us in the comments below!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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