Saying Goodbye to Our Fertility Center & On to the Next Chapter of My Twin Pregnancy!

Saying Goodbye to Our Fertility Center & On to the Next Chapter of My Twin Pregnancy!
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My wife and I have been with our fertility center since this past April. That may not seem like a very long time and when you consider how long so many couples struggle to get pregnant with the help of fertility services and treatments, it’s really not a very long time.

But over these last seven months, I’ve been going to our center at least once a week, often twice and sometimes even three or four times in a single week. The staff there saw me through a great deal ovarian cysts, adverse reactions to Lupron, an almost-diagnosis of endometriosis, a failed IVF cycle, two egg-retrieval procedures, OHSS, and finally a successful transfer that resulted in my twin pregnancy.

So when we went for our last appointment today, it felt like we were saying goodbye to family.

When Sara hugged our ultrasound tech goodbye, I cried. Sure, I’m a little extra emotional these days, but this was genuinely an emotional moment. There I sat, watching my wife hug the woman who first showed us the images of our little babies, who first let us hear our babies’ strong heartbeats, and who had been the one to call us with both the bad news of our first failed IVF cycle and the wonderful news of our successful cycle. It almost felt as though she was just as much responsible for this pregnancy as any of us.

That’s the thing about saying goodbye to your fertility center: Creating a baby with the help of a fertility center and fertility treatments is a team effort of the most intimate kind. My spouse and I didn’t make this baby with just the two of us. It took two doctors, an embryologist, four ultrasound technicians, five nurses, two anesthesiologists, two acupuncturists, and a support system that was bar none and of course, our sperm donor.

Cliché as it might sound, but (with all obvious reasons aside) Sara and I truly could not have done this without the help of each and every member of our fertility center’s staff.

We promised Greta, our ultrasound tech, that we’d keep in touch and send along photos of the babies. And we will. We couldn’t imagine simply cutting off those responsible for the most joyful time in our life (to date) from the lives they helped create.

We signed our medical-records release form before we left, and Sara joked with the receptionists that “We graduated!”

A week from today, we visit our OB-GYN for the first time during this journey. We now pick up where most women only begin: at the 10ish-week prenatal appointment. I feel so blessed to have already heard our babies’ heartbeats twice, and to know that they are both strong and healthy. (In fact, Greta told us today that they are larger and stronger than their gestational age of 8 weeks, 4 days which I think was my first-ever “proud parent” moment.)

So today, we said goodbye to all we’ve known thus far. And now, we hold each other close, like we always do, and begin the next chapter on our road to motherhood.


Photo: Tamme Stitt Photography

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