Scores Offers Christina Applegate 10K For Live "Prenatal Pole Dancing"

christina applegate pregnant pole dancingEarlier this week, Christina Applegate amused the internet with her Funny or Die video “Prenatal Pole Dancing.” The video featured Applegate as Roxy Federo, a gum-cracking seductress apparently risen from the ashes of Kelly Bundy (the slutty teenager who made Applegate famous on Married With Children).

The video was clearly intended as comedy, and it’s great to see Applegate flexing her comic chops so successfully.  But it might have been taken a bit more seriously than its creators intended. Applegate was reportedly offered a large sum to recreate her pregnant pole dancing routine…for a live audience…at a strip club.

After her video became a hit, Applegate received a letter from the general manager at top “gentleman’s club,” Scores…

The club said they “would be honored to have you perform for our clientele as Roxy Fedaro, as well as teach a few lessons to our professional dancers…On top of the tips you are sure to receive, we can offer your $10k per appearance.”

Applegate has not responded,  but the New York Daily News is taking a poll of readers to see what they think about the proposal: Is it a good opportunity, or taking the joke too far? When I last checked, the prevailing opinion was that a public Roxy appearance would be degrading. But that may change when the guys who go to Scores are able to see straight enough to vote (after the hangovers wear off).

What do you think? Would a pregnant pole dancer be empowering or embarrassing?

And if you haven’t seen the video, here it is again:

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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