Forget the Shower — Give Me a Third Trimester Party

I keep seeing people argue about whether or not subsequent baby showers are appropriate.

Does every baby really deserve a celebration? I mean, really?

The answer to my own question is sure, every baby deserves a celebration. Do you know what that celebration is called?

It’s called their first birthday party.

The cool part about the first birthday party is that your baby will have actually been born, so he or she can really enjoy their much-deserved shindig!

In all seriousness, I really have no strong feelings about a woman’s choice to indulge in second, third, or seventh baby showers. If you want to have another shower, go for it! If you invite me, I’ll probably be there with an overpriced gift from Babies “R” Us in tow.

Do you know what I want? I want a third trimester party, because every huge, miserable pregnant lady really deserves a celebration. Here is a peek at my third trimester party registry…

1. A Babysitter — That’s right, I would love for someone to volunteer to babysit my toddler on a Friday evening, so I can enjoy a few peaceful hours that don’t require me to say “No!” six million times.

2. A Decent Back Rub — You know, my husband just isn’t giving prenatal massage the old college try. I would love to have access to an in-home masseuse for a serious back massage. Come to think of it, I could use a foot massage too.

3. A Lift Chair — I feel like I need heavy equipment to pull me up off the sofa these days. I would really love one of those lift chairs that they make for old people with bad knees. Don’t worry, I’ll donate it to my grandma after I have the baby!

4. A Hot Fudge Sundae with Whipped Cream and Pecans — I have pretty simple, but specific needs.

5. A T-Shirt that Says: “Yes, I’ve tried Ginger” — I’ve had severe morning sickness through most of this pregnancy, and honestly, if one more person suggests I try ginger, peppermint, or saltines I am going to go completely berserk.

If you were having a third trimester party, what would be on your registry?


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