Second Pregnancy: 13 Things I'll Do Differently

Besides the fact that my first pregnancy was unexpected, I have absolutely no complaints about the pregnancy itself. I’d be lucky to have such a healthy, complication-free experience with my next pregnancy — and the same goes for the labor, too.

In fact, I had such an incredible experience that I even considered being a surrogate — and I’d still consider it, to be honest. I had this overwhelming feeling that my body was made to be pregnant.

Yet there are still many things that I’ll do differently the next time around:

  • 1. Take Prenatal Yoga 1 of 13
    1. Take Prenatal Yoga
    I credit much of my natural childbirth techniques to my pre-pregnancy yoga classes, but it's been awhile. One of the first things I'll do when I see the double lines is sign up for a prenatal yoga class. Not only for the relaxation, but to work on my breathing and meditation.
  • 2. Take a Birthing Class 2 of 13
    2. Take a Birthing Class
    I know this is something you're supposed to do the first time around, but I didn't. I ended up creating a very effective coping technique on the spot, but I'd like to find other pain management techniques this time - as well as explore other methods like the Bradley Method and Hypnobabies.
  • 3. Have a Fun Pregnancy Announcement 3 of 13
    3. Have a Fun Pregnancy Announcement
    I was so scared, shocked and in denial with pregnancy #1 that my announcement was through a blur of tears. This time I want to make it a time of celebration!
    See some of my favorite birth announcement ideas here, including this one from Inchmark Journal.
  • 4. Limit Stress 4 of 13
    4. Limit Stress
    There is no situation that could be more stressful than my first pregnancy (knock on wood), so I want to swing to the opposite end of the spectrum with pregnancy #2, and create as much peace and calm as I can.
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  • 5. Write About My Pregnancy 5 of 13
    5. Write About My Pregnancy
    I'm sure that this blog will help accomplish that goal, but even so, I want to really document my thoughts and feelings this time. Maybe it was the deniaI or the disconnect, but I have no documentation of my pregnancy whatsoever. And because this MIGHT be my last pregnancy, I want to remember it.
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  • 6. Take More Pregnancy Photos 6 of 13
    6. Take More Pregnancy Photos
    I have maybe 12 photos of me during my first pregnancy, 10 of which are right before labor. I'm not even joking.
    See some of my favorite pregnancy photo ideas here.
  • 7. Don’t Tell Anyone the Baby’s Name 7 of 13
    7. Don't Tell Anyone the Baby's Name
    I learned my lesson the first time around. Even family members can be downright mean when it comes to baby names. Everyone has an opinion.
    Read about Heroic baby names on Being Pregnant.
  • 8. Don’t Read So Much 8 of 13
    8. Don't Read So Much
    Considering I'll be blogging about my pregnancy, it will be hard to side-step the studies and articles and never-ending advice, but at least I'll know what to ignore this time. I felt completely consumed during my first pregnancy, mostly because this was brand new territory.
    Get this book from Amazon, but be warned: It might drive you crazy.
  • 9. Prepare for Postpartum 9 of 13
    9. Prepare for Postpartum
    I didn't even have sanitary napkins. Seriously.
  • 10. Be Flexible During the Labor 10 of 13
    10. Be Flexible During the Labor
    This is me playing Wii during my long labor, so it might look like I was pretty darn flexible. But I had a rigid birth plan, high expectations and strict rules on who could and couldn't be in the room. This time around? Throw a damn party in the room, I don't care. I won't be paying attention anyway. And if you want to watch the baby come out? Be my guest. I have more important things to worry about.
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  • 11. Send Creative Birth Announcements 11 of 13
    11. Send Creative Birth Announcements
    I didn't want anything to do with birth announcements for some reason. Maybe it was just too "typical" for me. But after seeing so many creative options out there, I'd like to announce my little one in a big, fun way.
    See why I think this CIA announcement is genius.
  • 12. Exercise As Soon As I Can 12 of 13
    12. Exercise As Soon As I Can
    I waited 2.5 years to start exercising after baby #1. Never again.
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  • 13. Not Buy So Much 13 of 13
    13. Not Buy So Much
    One advantage with the second pregnancy is that I A) already have most of the big baby items, and B) I know what's worth buying and what isn't. Tummy time contraptions? Bottle sterilizers? Pacifier sterilizers? PASS.
    See what I think are the 10 most useless baby items.

What would you/did you do differently with pregnancy #2?

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