Second Trimester Essentials

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Ah, the second trimester. In my opinion, it’s the most lovely part of pregnancy. My nausea has subsided, I’m sleeping really well (only getting up to pee once!) and the number of pimples on my face has drastically dwindled. Plus, I finally look unmistakably pregnant. No one is looking at me and wondering if I just went overboard with the yummy food during the holidays–I now, at 21 weeks, look straight-up pregnant.  I love it!

If you are like me and have had complicated pregnancies or suffered miscarriages, then you might hold off on treating yourself to certain pregnancy gear until you were really sure your pregnancy was a GO! Your second trimester is a great time to relax a bit, enjoy your pregnancy and, yes, do some damage on your next credit card bill. Treat yourself! You’re growing a whole human inside your body!!!

Below is my list of essential gear for a happy second trimester! (These would also make great gifts for someone, too!)

  • A Really Good Pregnancy Book 1 of 7
    You know your own taste. I didn't really want a text-heavy book this time, so I opted for this book of amazing shots taken of the fetus as it grows in the uterus. So cool!
    Get it at Amazon for $13.96.
  • A Reliable Water Bottle 2 of 7
    You need to chug, chug, chug water all throughout your pregnancy (and while breastfeeding), so now is a great time to invest in a water bottle that you will love to use. This glass one is my new favorite--dishwasher safe, no weird chemicals, and very durable.
    Get it at Amazon for $19.62.
  • Reusable Snack Bags 3 of 7
    My friend Cara sent me these and I love, love, love them. Fill one with dried fruit, crackers, or nuts and throw it in your purse for a healthy snack whenever you need it!
    Get it at Amazon for $8.08.
  • You Know You Need It 4 of 7
    Your belly is going to get HUGE soon. Stretch mark cream is a good investment. Trust me. Even if you aren't worried about getting stretch marks, this cream will make your belly less itchy as the skin changes to accommodate your tenant.
    Buy it at Isis Parenting for $35!
  • Body Pillow 5 of 7
    Starting in your second trimester you'll need to start sleeping on your side. A pregnancy pillow helps align your hips and gives you something to hug so you don't wake up with dead-arm.
    Get it at Amazon for $45.98.
  • Antacids 6 of 7
    Sometime in the second trimester heartburn really kicked in for me. I've got a big bottle at my house and a travel size pack in my purse.
    Grab some Tums at drugstore.com for $5.49.
  • A Fun Pregnancy Cookbook 7 of 7
    Celebrate the end of nausea with a new cookbook! Sometimes just looking at pretty photos of food is enough motivation to get my butt in the kitchen instead of ordering pizza. Again.
    Get it at Amazon for $12.32.


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