Secondhand Baby Items: Skip the Used Car Seat

Reasons to Never Buy a Used Car Seat via Babble.comParents tend to go overboard when expecting their first, and often subsequent, children. There is something about wanting all the newest, latest, and greatest that takes over during a pregnancy.

Months later, most of us look back and wonder why we spent a small fortune on bedding and nursery decor when some of it could have been bought second hand or not at all. Some things that we bought in a frenzy of, “WHAT IF MY CHILD DOESN’T HAVE IT?” we realize we never ended up using anyway.

But there are things that should never, ever be bought already used. One of the most important is a car seat. There are several reasons for this:

If possible, always bring your own car seat while traveling. Often rental companies will give you one but – again – you’ll have no idea of what it’s been through. Airlines allow you to check a carseat or in some cases bring it on the plane to secure your child in, a great alternative to your lap.

The best bet is to buy one that is new, long lasting, and fits your needs. The extra money that you’ll spend over a used is worth the peace of mind.

Ask yourself questions about your budget and needs. Do you want a seat that rear and forward faces? Just rear? One that is able to leave your child rear facing longer? Talk to your friends with children about what works for them and what they wish they had done to make life in the car a little easier and less expensive.

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