See Our Nesting Bird Baby Shower

My tree-loving, nature-loving sister wanted a “nesting” baby shower, and a nesting baby shower is what we gave her.

We made nesting cupcakes with toasted coconut nests and jellybean eggs. We decorated with bird cages and bird nests and even miniature birdies. We had a “Wishing Tree” activity for the guests, which resulted in a beautiful baby keepsake.

And it was a lovely, lovely day.

Take a look at all of the photos from the “nesting” bird baby shower:

  • Nesting Baby Shower 1 of 15
    Nesting Baby Shower
    When guests walked in, they saw a giant spray-painted tree branch holding mini-cupcakes that looked like nests.
  • Nesting Tree 2 of 15
    Nesting Tree
    We used styrofoam cones to hold the cupcakes in place.
  • Nesting Cupcakes 3 of 15
    Nesting Cupcakes
    And to make the nesting baby shower cupcakes, we toasted coconut to look like nests, and then added a few blue jelly beans. (white cake + white frosting + toasted coconut = AMAZING)
  • Baby Shower Menu 4 of 15
    Baby Shower Menu
    Besides themed party food (like nest-like plates and fruit salad in an egg-shaped cantaloupe), we also included her favorite crowd-pleasing foods.
  • Fruit Bowl Egg 5 of 15
    Fruit Bowl Egg
    Here's a closer look at the fruit bowl, we put inside a hollowed-out cantaloupe.
  • Rustic Tables 6 of 15
    Rustic Tables
    We decorated the party with plenty of things we already had on-hand: mason jars, real tree branches, burlap, twine, and candles.
  • Cozy Seating 7 of 15
    Cozy Seating
    I also found handmade bird cages and wooden bird cages, which we used as centerpieces (along with candles).
  • Oh Baby! 8 of 15
    Oh Baby!
    To make my life easier, I used one of's party decor packages: the "Nesting Bird" party theme, which included things like these paper straws and flags.
  • Welcome to the Nest 9 of 15
    Welcome to the Nest
    It also came with this personalized banner, which I ordered to read "Welcome to the Nest." I was exceptionally impressed with the high-quality paper and design from
  • Baby Cousin! Yeah! 10 of 15
    Baby Cousin! Yeah!
    Clearly my son was excited.
  • The Wishing Tree 11 of 15
    The Wishing Tree
    For the Wishing Tree, we plucked some tree branches from my sister's backyard and put them into a big vase.
  • Remember, Always, Never, I Hope 12 of 15
    Remember, Always, Never, I Hope
    We attached cards to each branch, stamped with the words "remember," "always," "never," and "I hope." Guests then chose a card (or two) as a writing prompt, and wrote a note to her unborn baby.
  • Wishes 13 of 15
    After all of the notes were written (like my son's note: "I hope you have good memories"), she assembled them into a baby keepsake titled "Roots."
  • Baby Keepsake 14 of 15
    Baby Keepsake
    Each chapter is titled with a writing-prompt word (like "Remember"), and begins with a heart-felt note from my sister and her partner. Then each guest's "Remember" note follows, until the next chapter.
  • Thank You Bird Houses 15 of 15
    Thank You Bird Houses
    We assembled bird house party favors from Michaels craft store, which we filled with Jelly Bellies.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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