Self Cleaning Ovens STINK – Note To Preggos

self cleaning oven fumes

So this week I had a craving for BACON. I am really not a huge meat lover but whatever – it’s a pregnancy craving so you just eat it. I threw some bacon on a cookie sheet, hit 400 degrees and set the timer for 20 minutes.  I hear the timer buzzing but I had to tend to a child. OPPS. I let the bacon cook a wee bit too long, leaving us with burnt bacon for dinner and an oven that was covered in bacon juice (grease, yuck).

If your pregnant nose is anything like my pregnant nose you can smell a dirty diaper 3 houses down. So burnt bacon and pregnant nose = not a good combo.

Fast forward to today. I threw in a frozen pizza for lunch and the whole house was engulfed in the smell of burnt bacon. So this evening I thought, why not try out this self cleaning feature that I have never used on my oven. It looked easy enough – close the oven door – make sure all cookie sheets and what not are removed and then hit “Self Clean”.  The oven prompted me that the door would lock and then a 4 hour timer started. So I continued on my merry way to pick up the kids thinking I’d come home, the oven would be cleaned and the house wouldn’t reek of burnt bacon next time I attempted to cook something.

Well, I came home and immediately walking thru the garage into the kitchen I noticed a funky smell. As we approached closer to the kitchen, it intensified. Pregnant nose goes into over drive. The house smells like burnt bleach – not that I ever have had the honor of smelling that, but thats the best way to describe the fumes. We’re talking YUCK.

This can’t be good for my baby, me, or my in-utero baby. We left the house, hung out with my sister and returned home to a lesser of a smell, but still stinky. I’ve opened windows turned on fans and moved my self and the kiddo upstairs.

Googling, I can’t find much danger in the self cleaning oven fumes during pregnancy.  I do see you have to be extra cautious when using spray oven cleaner while pregnant. Regardless, the fumes the self cleaning oven has produced – I don’t think would be safe for anyone! Though I did read that the first few time you use the self cleaning feature there is a layer of something that burns off while cleaning. I don’t think i’ll be taking my chances again – this place STINKS! Plus, my oven isn’t THAT clean!

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Bacon Image Source: image source: bunsinmyoven.com

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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