Sex During Pregnancy Is Definitely Recommended. But…

A new study has just been published and publicized, saying that sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe (excepting a very few high risk situations). To which I say:

Duh, we knew that.

Not that it’s not nice to have a reminder every once in a while,  because despite the fact that every single book, website and pamphlet about pregnancy very clearly expresses the safety of sex during pregnancy,  people still seem a little iffy on the whole sex in pregnancy situation.

Really, really, are you sure it’s safe?

Maybe the questions linger because there’s just something conceptually weird about the idea of poking around in there when there’s a fetus in residence. Something about using the body for personal pleasure when its primary function is baby-baker.

Or maybe it’s just because people are actually looking for an excuse NOT to do it…?

Sex is a positive thing, both physically and emotionally, for both individuals and for relationships. But just because somebody says you CAN do it doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Though the study reiterates what we already knew about sex in pregnancy (It’s SAFE) It doesn’t do much to address the issues that women—and men—have about having sex when they’re pregnant. Getting the green light about the safety issue may help relieve some of your anxieties, or your partners, about any possible detrimental effects to the baby.

But those worries may not be the only things interfering with your sex life.

Pregnant sex can be totally fine, or even mind-blowingly great. Though your new shape may prompt some some rearranging, the changes in your physiology can actually be a huge bonus in the pleasure department… for both partners.

But pregnant sex can also be really, really weird. For some couples, the weirdness transcends the desire to have sex at all.Which can be a huge bummer, especially if both members of the couple are not on the same page about it. But pregnancy is temporary. And so are the overwhelming physical demands that come along with having a new baby. It’s true that a lack of sex can have negative effects on a relationship. But in a situation where there is good communication and you both understand each other, a temporary hold on the sex part of  relationship is not necessarily a bad thing. Plenty of people have minimal sex or abstain completely during pregnancy and bounce back just fine after they’re out of the new baby woods. I hope this study will help people get over the hump (ahem) of their hangups and enjoy the benefits of more pregnant sex. But I also hope it doesn’t increase the pressure for people who just aren’t feeling it.

[via WebMD]

photo: Llima Oroso/flickr

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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