Shattered Hope: Infertility and Heartbreak

When you want a baby and infertility continues to heartlessly and steadfastly stand in your way, it can sometimes be so difficult to see beyond yourself.

Trying to conceive is such an all-consuming endeavor…one so personal to each couple who struggles with it.

But, I’ve always maintained that the need to have a baby is the same for all couples.

The desire to fill an emptiness that only a baby can fill is the same for all of us, right?

Then, today, I read Melanie’s post and my heart broke.

Her words brought a flood of memories rushing back.

I remember being in the same position she’s in right now…with several failed IUIs behind me, a broken heart, and shattered hope.

I remember wondering if I would ever be blessed with a baby. The thought of going my entire life without knowing what it felt like to hold my own baby in my arms was often paralyzing.

After a yearlong emotional rollercoaster, we were blessed with Katie and then with Matthew 2 ½ years later.

Reading Melanie’s words made me realize that I need to step outside of myself a bit and find some perspective.

My desire to have a child is no less because I have two children already, but my fear is certainly more of a dull pain rather than the acute pain Melanie is feeling.

Melanie goes in for her fourth IUI tomorrow. Please go leave her some encouraging and supportive words on her post today.

You’re in my thoughts, Melanie and I am sending you all of my best wishes.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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