Should Active Pregnant Women Belt Up?

I ran three to five times a week prior to pregnancy.  But as my bump grows, I have been gradually pulling back and replacing more of my runs with swims.  But I do really want to continue running for as long as possible – I figure it will be easier to get back into running after birth if I maintain the habit.

So last week, I laced up my sneakers and headed out for my first run in 13 days… I only did 2.0 miles because I was totally surprised to feel my then-18 week bump… well, moving around.  Ew! 

Since that workout, I’ve been nervous about running.  I didn’t like the sensation of the bump bouncing up and down, although I know running is generally considered safe during pregnancy (if you ran regularly before). A few experienced running mommies have suggested that I invest in a maternity support belt.

A maternity support belt supports the lumber and abdominal area and has the following benefits:

  • Less lower back pain
  • Increased blood circulation / decreased swelling
  • Reduced pressure on the bladder
  • Control of bump movement during exercise (Wahoo!)

Some manufacturers even suggest that these benefits may prevent pre-term contractions.

I’m in my 5th month now and am thinking it’s time to buy a belt – my friend specifically recommended the Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt, which has a pocket in the back for a warm or cold compress.  I’ve also heard that many insurances will cover the cost of a maternity support belt – win, win!

Image: Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

Did you wear a maternity support belt?  Do you think it helped you stay active throughout pregnancy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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