Should All Pregnant Women Be Tested For Smoking?

In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is recommending that all pregnant women be tested to see if they are smoking. If it appears the woman is smoking, she’ll be given support and guidance to help her quit. Testing would be mandatory at the first prenatal check-up.

My first reaction is: absolutely not! You cannot start out the journey of pregnancy and becoming a mother with a message that mom is basically not to be trusted. Why can’t doctors and midwives ask mom about smoking? And say, in a nonjudgmental way:  This is often hard for women to talk about as quitting smoking is not easy…We understand completely so if you are smoking and you’d like help, come to us… We have experience and we might make the process of a quitting a little less stressful for you. Etc.

My second thought was, Wow, I’d like to hear what Elisabeth Badinter, the chain-smoking, best-selling, anti-breastfeeding French feminist author would have to say about this! She thinks there’s too much pressure on moms to be perfect as is. Add mandatory cigarette testing, whew… She’s going to hit the roof.

But as I read more about the recommendation I warmed to the idea. First of all, it’s a carbon monoxide test. And, if framed in a nonjudgmental way, could possibly benefit expecting moms.  Those advocating for the testing, have this to say:

“One of our recommendations is for midwives to encourage all pregnant women to have their carbon monoxide levels tested and discuss the results with them… This isn’t to penalise them if they have been smoking, but instead will be a useful way to show women that both smoking and passive smoking can lead to having high levels of carbon monoxide in their systems.”

I would actually be interested in this mandatory test for reasons outside of smoking habits among the gestating. What would the test results be for those women who live in extremely polluted areas? I live in New York City near Broadway which has 8 lanes of traffic rolling and spewing VISIBLE carbon monoxide all day and night. During my pregnancies I would sometime hold my breath and dart across the street or walk home in round-about ways to avoid getting shot in the face with a bus-load of exhaust.

Studies have literally been done near where I live and it’s not pretty. People say I am essentially smoking a pack a day just for breathing the air on my block. The other day I heard that just living in Bejing is the equivalent of smoking 8 packs a day!

I’m curious to know if mandatory carbon monoxide testing of pregnant women would help us better understand the health of non-smokers, too. Not that everyone will stop driving. Talk about something hard to quit.

What do you think? If your doc or midwife asked you to blow into a bag b/c it’s required by law would, how would you feel?

Photo: Polina Sergeeva/Flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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