Should Models Expect To Lose Jobs If They Get Pregnant?

Shane Stirling and Brandi Cochran

Former “The Price is Right” host Bob Barker allegedly said model Shane Stirling’s pregnancy made her “dangerous” and a “liability”.

Stirling, is now suing The Price Is Right and CBS. She modeled on the show from 2002 to 2008 and says she was fired in 2006 after she announced that she was expecting a baby.

Stirling claims she was “forced into an early pregnancy leave after host Bob Barker told her that she should “go home and take care of your baby.” She says she was not allowed to work while she was expecting, then was finally allowed to return to the show in 2008 and was quickly fired, and told that the show was going in a different direction.

Stirling isn’t the only model accusing the legendary game show of discriminating against pregnant women.

As The Los Angeles Independent reports, former model Brandi Cochran, 40, is also suing. She claims producers of “The Price is Right” discriminated against, harassed and retaliated against her after she gained weight from carrying twins. Cochran is now suing on grounds she was fired after she became pregnant.

Cochran, a former Miss Idaho USA, had her daughter before reaching full term and her son was stillborn. Last year TMZ reported that Cochran claims when she told a producer about the boy she lost, the producer told her, “It’s natures way of getting rid of a bad baby.” Cochran maintains her emotional ordeal from losing her job on the show has included suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety, difficulty sleeping and nightmares, according to defense attorneys.

Now, CBS wants a judge to agree to a mental evaluation for Cochran. Cochran worked on the game show from 2002 until 2010, according to the lawsuit she filed in Los Angeles Superior Court the following month against the network, The Price is Right Productions Inc. and Fremantlemedia North America Inc.

Defense attorneys filed papers Monday stating that while Cochran’s lawyers have agreed to allow a psychiatrist interview their client in connection with her emotional distress allegations, they object to any questions whether she has been exposed to “sexual or physical abuse, assault or violent crimes during her lifetime.”

Cochran’s lawyers believe such questioning would invade her privacy. But the defense lawyers say they need the information to defend their clients. A hearing will be held at the end of this month.

I’m all about women being pregnant in the workplace but when it is your job to look thin and pretty on camera, I don’t know that a lawsuit claiming discrimination is in order. Sure “The Price Is Right” could choose to look really cool and earn a lot of bonus points by keeping on a pregnant model but if they hired her for a specific reason (her physique and modeling abilities) and she loses her physique don’t they have a right to fire her? Should a model expect to lose jobs because of a pregnancy? However, it does sound like the women, especially Cochran, were also harassed which is another story entirely. What are your thoughts?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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