Should There Be a Cut Off Age to Motherhood?

Back in 2008 a British woman named Susan Tollefsen became a mother after receiving IVF treatment from a Russian clinic when she was 57 years old. Understandably she received some criticism for her decision to become a mother so late in life. Worry for how she will be able to care for the child as she ages and for how it will all effect her child.

It’s now three years later – a mother to a toddler at 61 years old. Click through to find out if her position on motherhood at a later age has changed and how her life is now.

In a recent interview Susan confesses that while her daughter is still the best thing in her life, perhaps her critics were right because now at 61 years old she is having some trouble caring for her daughter.  At the time she had her IVF treatment and conceived her daughter she was with a partner who was 11 years younger and they had planned for him to be around to help if it got hard.

Susan and her partner are now no longer together and she has taken on the bulk of the responsibility for caring for their daughter.  She worries about the future and if her daughter will be removed from her care if she is no longer able to physically care for her.

Most IVF clinics will refuse to treat women over the age of 50 and guidelines generally recommend that doctors do not offer IVF to woman over 45.  A fear that I have as my husband and I continue to debate whether or not to add another child is that my age will get in the way. I am not even 30 years old yet and I worry now about energy levels and how that will factor into my role as a mother to a newborn – I couldn’t imagine doing all that at 50 – 60 years old.

On the other hand, motherhood is an experience like no other and I would hate to think I wouldn’t get the opportunity to fulfill that desire because of my age. But is 50 pushing the limit?

:: Do you think there should be a cut off age to motherhood? ::

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