Should Video Cameras Be Allowed In Delivery Rooms?

When I saw that some hospitals are quietly banning video cameras from the delivery room – I was appalled.  The “thinking” behind these decisions is supposedly to help prevent doctors from practicing “defensive medicine”, but I call bull honkey. Physicians are already engaging in defensive medicine – the practice of avoiding “high risk” situations or patients or over-ordering procedures, drugs and more to cover their behinds – as much as 7993% of doctors surveyed are in defensive mode now. How exactly is banning video cameras from the delivery room going to lower that rate?

What upsets me most about this I think is the fact that the delivery room is yet again no longer about the mother and her experience. Mom wants to video capture the event to remember later what it was like? Too bad. Mom wants to do almost anything to help make her experience better – the hospital will have a policy and a say in what she can (or the usual – can NOT) do.

I realize not all hospitals are like this – there are always exceptions! But what does it say about the hospital when they are worried about having their actions video taped? There is also talk about the “privacy” of the health care workers, and how that is violated by video taping. Fine, after I sit and wonder “what privacy???” I will concede that the people in the room need to either agree to be on tape or just not have their faces be on tape.

I have video of my first birth and I am SO glad I do. That particular birth was hard on me and was one I was too delirious to remember without video to remind me.  I don’t have plans to have this current baby’s birth on video, simply because I don’t have someone here close enough that I’d be ok with doing that (my hubs is needed elsewhere!). But I think all moms should have the choice!

In the Today Show piece on this topic, there is a doctor advocating the banning and trying to convince us all why it’s a good thing. All I see is more restrictions on mothers in the hospital wanting to have a beautiful experience.

What do you think? Is it all about avoiding lawsuit or do you think cameras should be allowed?

Are you planning on video recording your baby’s birth?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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