Should You Wash Your Newborn's Clothes Before They Wear Them?

To wash or not to wash?

This is a question that my girlfriends and I discussed/debated this past weekend. With all the newborn clothes I have bought for my son, and with all the cute new clothes people have sent for him, this was a question I was curious about.

My little guy isn’t here yet, but now is┬áprobably the time to start washing… or not?

While discussing this matter with a few of my closest mom-friends, I was surprised at how mixed they were on the subject. I guess I just assumed that every mom washed their newborn’s clothes before they put them on their baby’s precious little body, but I was wrong.

Some of my girlfriends felt strongly about building their baby’s immune systems early, and leaving their newborn’s clothes unwashed was one way they felt like they could safely expose them to germs. This approach was rebuked by many of my girlfriends who thought this approach/opinion was gross.

It’s a known fact that newborn babies can have pretty sensitive skin. My girlfriends who washed their newborn’s clothes argued that not washing could cause your newborn to have a harsh skin reactions to chemicals, dyes, and bacteria found on on unwashed clothes.

So, curious to know what I’m doing today? I’m washing all of my son’s clothes and putting them away in his drawers before he gets here. I feel it’s better to be safe than sorry. And with a toddler and a dog, I figure he’ll be exposed to enough germs as it is…

What about you? Did you wash, or do you plan to wash your newborn’s clothes before he/she wears them?

Washing my baby's clothes and getting them ready for him to wear...
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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