Show Your Style: 15 Stunning Pregnancy Necklaces from Etsy

15 Stunning Pregnancy Necklaces from Etsy via Babble.comWhen you’re pregnant, it’s easy to forget how brief it all really is, how special these fleeting moments are that you carry a child.

I love to have jewelry that symbolizes different memories, from the Mama necklace when I had Bella, to the initials one for my twins. Rarely do I wear something that doesn’t have a meaning or memory behind it, and I know so many others feel the same.

I wanted to find necklaces that gave that kind of a feeling to being pregnant, and so I turned to Etsy to find one of a kind, handcrafted pieces that can be passed down to your daughter or a special woman as well.

Some of these are meant for mama and baby, some are perfect as shower gifts. One focuses just on the pregnant shape, another takes the actual hormone we carry and turns it into art. They vary in prices – from around $6 to $250.

Because they are from Etsy, you know that these purchases often support work at home moms, other women, and small business owners. And that your piece is made with love and care for the years to come, not just out of a factory.

So show off that bump, wear a classic piece that others will ask you about. Enjoy these few months in your lifetime.


  • Mom to Be Sterling Silver Pregnancy Necklace 1 of 15
    We all dread the "Do I look pregnant or...?" phase — so let everyone know you are with this adorable, handmade necklace.
    Buy for $37 from Hartley Studio
  • Baby on Board Pendant 2 of 15
    Offered in pink, blue, and yellow, this old fashioned pendant makes a beautiful gift to yourself or someone else.
    Buy for $12.95 from The Pendant Garden
  • Personalized Due Date 3 of 15
    Lovely as a shower gift. Purchase this sterling silver disk before or after the baby's birth — also available with a certificate and charm to mail after birth for customization.
    Buy for $35 from Addie Rose Jewelry
  • Expecting Love 4 of 15
    Tell the world what you're expecting with this sweet disk and swarovski crystal.
    Buy for $30 from The Metallic Press
  • Funny Pregnancy Necklace 5 of 15
    This saying cracks me up, and now even if you're on bed-rest you can have a little reminder just how much you're really doing.
    Buy for $14 from Lizabettas
  • In The Womb 6 of 15
    A lovely reminder of just how precious the little one inside of you is.
    Buy for $230 from Birth Designs
  • Polka Dot Pregnancy Necklace 7 of 15
    Sweet and simple, these necklaces come in pink and blue.
    Buy for $6.95 from Sugar Lane Shoppe
  • Samuel 1:27 Mother’s Necklace 8 of 15
    The verse so many of us mothers who struggle with loss and infertility keep in mind while waiting on a little one.
    Buy for $56 from Hope of my Heart
  • New Baby Necklace Combo 9 of 15
    This elegant silver tag comes with a customizable rectangular tag - for both sides. Perfect to keep both a due date and the actual birth date close at heart.
    Buy for $39 from Mama Beth Bling
  • Hip Mama 10 of 15
    Hand forged with fine and sterling silver, this necklace is a reminder of how beautiful this stage of a woman's life is.
    Buy for $78 from Birth Designs
  • Tummy Baby Necklace 11 of 15
    Customize this piece with your baby's birth month. Also available in a petite size.
    Buy for $36 from BEad ORIGINAL by Liz
  • It’s a Girl/Boy Mommy to Be Necklace 12 of 15
    Tiny toes hang alongside a pink or blue charm — lovely as a gift for the big sister as well.
    Buy for $12.99 from Baby's First Keepsake
  • Pregnancy Curves Necklace Sterling Silver 13 of 15
    Handmade and sterling silver. The birthstones inside the second curve are for your children, and the owner will send additional ones if you have more.
    Buy for $42 from Moon Over Maize
  • Progesterone Under the Microscope 14 of 15
    Progesterone has been crystallized, magnified and photographed through a polarized light microscope.
    Buy for $38 from Dopamine Jewelry
  • Mexican Bola Pregnancy Necklace 15 of 15
    These bola balls chime and are made to be worn around 20 weeks, the time the baby begins to hear. A chain sets them low on the belly, and each order comes with two with varying colors to choose from.
    Buy for $51 from Harmony Charm

I’d love to hear what you wore or are wearing during pregnancy – anything special? Leave a link if you’d like to share it with others.

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