Sip and See: The New Baby Shower? Real Housewives' Phaedra Shows You How To Party Post-Baby

Phaedra Parks talks about Real Housewives of AtlantaLast night on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks hosted a Sip and See party to introduce her new son, Apollo.   A Sip And See is basically a baby shower, but it takes place after the birth instead of before. Sip and Sees are popular in the south. They also seem to involve drinks and a general festive party atmosphere in contrast to the traditionally tame (prissy?) baby shower vibe.

The Real Housewives episode played out the drama between Phaedra and five-months-pregnant Kim Zolciak (shocker). Phaedra’s Sip and See was as over the top as you might expect from a Real Housewife. But I’m more interested in the idea of a Sip and See in general. A baby shower that happens after the birth? And one that feels like an actual party?

I think I could get behind this trend.

It turns out, actually, that this way of celebrating the birth of a baby may have more ties to the history of baby showers than the pre-baby version we’ve come to know. The baby shower had its origins in celebrations that happened after birth, not beforehand. It was only in the mid 20th century that the baby shower became something a pregnant woman does before the baby is born—and a way for people to sell baby-related products before the birth.

Sure, pregnancy baby showers can be fun. But that girly game vibe is not for everybody. Not everyone needs all that baby bling or has friends who can afford to buy it. And there’s always a tiny bit of weirdness as the expecting mom anxiously awaits…we don’t know yet. I am from a culture that doesn’t traditionally go for baby showers beforehand due to this worry about the unknown (and some ancient superstitions). But having it after the baby is born ixnays any of the superstition associated with baby showers during pregnancy. No more counting your chickens before they’re hatched!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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