6 Incredible Benefits from Eating Your Placenta

Eating your placenta has some great benefits

I will admit I am very squeamish about the idea of eating a placenta mine or anyone else’s – but am intrigued by the whole process. I first heard about Placentophagia a few months after my son was born and at the time I thought people had gone mad. Who does that? Well, this mom did and apparently it has many benefits – for yourself, your baby or even others.


Check out some of the incredible benefits –>

  • May help replenish 1 of 6
    May help replenish
    nutrients lost during child birth especially iron which can be depleted if there was blood loss (photo credit)
  • May increase milk supply 2 of 6
    May increase milk supply
    due to small amounts of oxytocin which eases stress after birth and can cause the mammary cells to contract and eject milk (photo credit)
  • May reduce your stress 3 of 6
    May reduce your stress
    due to a high volume of corticotrophin-releasing hormone, normally secreted by the hypothalamus (photo credit)
  • May decrease your chances 4 of 6
    May decrease your chances
    of developing postpartum depression because placenta contains high levels of B6 (photo credit)
  • Can slow postpartum hemorrhage 5 of 6
    Can slow postpartum hemorrhage
    due to high levels of prostaglandin which stimulates the shrinking of the uterus (photo credit)
  • Good for others too 6 of 6
    Good for others too
    Has been used to treat infertility, erectile dysfunction, insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome even if it wasn't your placenta (photo credit)

Would you ever consider eating your placenta? Have you already?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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