Skippy Peanut Butter Recall: Pregnant Mamas Beware!

PREGNANT MAMAS BEWARE! New York (SmartAboutHealth) Unilever has issued a voluntary recall of Skippy reduced-fat peanut butter that has been sold in 16 different states in the U.S.

The brands of Skippy peanut butter that have been recalled include Skippy Reduced Fat Creamy as well as Skippy Reduced Fat Super Chunk.

According to the press release made by the company, inspectors working at the Skippy peanut butter plant have found that there may be a contamination of salmonella bacteria in the peanut butter products.

Skippy is working to figure out where this contamination started, but have not found the source as of yet. The FDA is involved, and they are working together to get this contamination resolved as quickly as possible.

The states that are included in the recall are North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine, Iowa, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, and  New Jersey.

The recalled products have UPC codes of 048001006812 or 048001006782. They also have a best-if-used-by-date of May 16th through May 21, 2012.

If you have any Skippy peanut butter in your pantry with these codes and expiration dates printed on it, Skippy has advised that you toss them immediately and call 1-888-453-3432 for a replacement.

All of you pregnant mamas living in these states, please be careful! Salmonella infection during pregnancy can cause serious health risks to you and your unborn baby!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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