Sleeping and Snoring and Smothering—Oh My!

Sleeping and Snoring and Smothering - Oh My!I’ve started this darling habit at night. I am snoring during this pregnancy. Quite loudly. I have no idea that I’m doing it. In fact, Sam can wake me up, tell me, and I’ll lay there willing myself not to snore, and he’ll poke me again and say, “HONEY.”

I could have sworn that I was awake that entire time.

Obviously not.

It’s frustrating for us both. He wakes up around 4:30 AM for work, meaning his time to sleep is pretty precious. I’m exhausted every morning from either trying not to snore or being woken up and told that I am snoring multiple times a night. It’s a bit of a lose-lose situation.

Last night, he ended up on the couch in an attempt to sleep. Then I felt awful, but secretly a little glad that I could fall asleep and snore all I wanted without having to worry about waking him up. It’s a horrible feeling to jolt yourself out of sleep to try and catch yourself from snoring. I’m so tired and sore anyway, rolling over is a feat in and of itself, and having to toss and turn all night to find a new position means that it takes longer to fall back asleep.

It’s a tad evil, but in my mind I keep thinking, “I’m pregnant, so cut me some slack on this one.” In reality, I can nap (and snore) during the day if I need to, whereas Sam isn’t home until 6 PM and he’s so tired that he can’t function at that point.

I’ve asked him what he plans on doing when the baby is here and it cries all night. Bella was up round the clock for months, and because we’re moving so soon, we don’t have a nursery for me to go to. Or a pull out couch. (That was fun.) So the baby will be sleeping in our room. If he’s anything like Bella, he’ll end up in our bed as well. Sam says that he’ll wear earplugs.

So my question is, “Why can’t you do that now?”

Still waiting on an answer. I think he wants me to fix it, whereas he understands that there isn’t much we can do about a baby who cries.

I have the usual—Neti Pots, nasal strips, etc. I’ve tried all this before during my second trimester and it worked, but at that point the snoring was due to congestion/allergies. Now I’m at that point in my pregnancy (32 weeks!) where I’m so gigantic that there are times where I wonder if my own stomach will smother me in my sleep.

That is…. if Sam doesn’t get to me first.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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