Snacks Made Just For Pregnant Women

Two things seem fairly consistent when it comes to food and pregnancy: there’s more snacking than meal eating, and there are increased nutritional needs. Right from the first few weeks women are told to keep snacks in their drawer at work. Even if they aren’t told this, they often end up doing it out of necessity. Nibbling on fairly bland but healthy crackers or nuts can help keep nausea at bay. An empty stomach can be pure hell in the first trimester.

And though I actually know women who have subsisted on really bland crackers for weeks at a time, there may be a slightly healthier alternatives. A clever couple of San Fransisco women teamed up with nutritionists and come up with a possible solution:

Numa Snacks: Healthy crunchie snakcs for expectant and nursing mothers that also happened to be full of things like:

Vegetarian omega-3 DHA, 100% daily value of folic acid, 8 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium (which helps calcium absorption), vitamin C (which helps iron absorption),
and vitamins B6 (which can help with morning sickness) and B12.

All of these things are good for you when you are pregnant; you can read more about why here. As someone who was NOT a fan of prenatal vitamins and did snack on nuts and crackers all day, this sounds pretty good. You can order them online or look up retailers here.

photo: Mothergood Inc.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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