So, These Are the Clomid Mood Swings I Was Warned About

clomid mood swing
When I was sitting in the doctors office over 6 months ago, talking about going on fertility medications to help me conceive, I was warned.

Clomid can make you have pretty intense mood swings.

I took the information in, so did my husband, snd we braced ourselves for the worst.

My first cycle, I noticed I was a little more short with people and had a little less patience than usual. I am not normally a moody or emotional person, so this change was out of my character, but not too bad. It still could have been considered very minor.

The next month during cycle #2 that shortness and lack of patience was gone and I had assumed my body had adjusted or maybe I was just more aware of the potential pitfalls. I was thankful that I had dodged that side effect because I had been told many stories about how it’s affected relationships.

As the dosage was increased for the 3rd month, I was cautious about mood swings again. I was so thankful that they hadn’t. I was trying to manage enough with the other side effects from the medication (hot flashes and headaches) and didn’t want to add that to the list.

This past cycle, my dosage was increased again to 150 mg — three times that of the first month. I was warned by my doctor that this dosage can increase the mood swing side effect. I believe what he said was, “Brace yourself.”

And, on this dosage, I totally understand what people mean when they describe clomid mood swings. I just finished my medication for this cycle and am waiting for ovulation, but unless or until that happens, these side effects are sitting heavy with me. On the second day of the medication last week, I was so moody. It’s weird because I can see that I am being short and snappy, but I just can’t seem to stop it. I got very tired, a little depressed, and I could totally feel all those hormones.

I am thankful to have a husband who laughs about it all with me. It makes it easier when we can sort of laugh off an over-reaction on my part and we can look back on it with humor and an apology and blame it on the Clomid. I understand now why relationships and marriages can take a big hit when dealing with infertility and medications.

Keep your fingers crossed for me because my husband and I don’t really want to experience another cycle on this dosage!

:: How are all you doing this cycle? ::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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