Something Is Different

After using ovulation predictor kits for several months and establishing that I was finally ovulating again, I stopped forking over the $20 each month.

Perhaps it wasn’t even just the money.

Maybe it also had to do with the fact that it felt pointless.

But, after a few months of not using the kits, a friend lent me her fertility monitor.

To quote her exactly: “This thing has magic powers. Six of my friends have used it each one of them that could get pregnant on her own, did.”

Now, it’s been handed on to me. And I feel this strange mixture of optimism and crazy pressure.

I can’t break the streak! I must succeed. 😉

I am amazed by the monitor and was thrilled to have three fertile days followed by two peak fertility days this month.

We were…um…busy. Every. Single. Day.


We have about another week until we’ll know if we got lucky this month.

And if we did? I will have this fertility monitor bronzed.

Something just feels different.

Perhaps it’s hope.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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