Sperm 101 – Things You Never Wanted to Know About Sperm

I don’t know about you. but sperm to me isn’t something I think about.

I know..

* The sperms purpose is to reproduce
* 1 sperm who wins the fight results in me being pregnant
* They look like tadpoles under a microscope

    Outside of that, I’ve never thought about them. (I do recall learning SOMETHING about sperm in health class, but I was most likely laughing too hard to concentrate.)

    I take it this is how men feel about women and their periods and reproductive organs.

    Tonight, I was in a fairly odd discussion which had me pondering on more deets about these little swimmers… Here are some interesting facts about sperm, ejaculation and semen.

    Sperm 101 – Things You Never Wanted to Know About Sperm

    Sperm determines if your baby is a girl or boy. Yes, the baby’s gender is actually the father’s (sperms) fault.

    Each sperm carries a X or Y chromosome. Whichever type implants into the egg determines the sex of your baby.

    X = Girl

    Y = Boy

    200 – 500 MILLION Sperm are released in each ejaculation.

    And remember teens, un-birth controlled, and those not wanting to get pregnant – while there are millions fighting to get your egg –  it only takes 1 to get you pregnant!

    A single sperm is the smallest cell in the body.

    1 sperm is about 55 microns – that’s about 25000 times smaller than a ping-pong ball.

    Sperm cells are made in the testes and take about 72 days to produce a sperm cell.

    Over the course of a man’s lifetime, his testes will produce more than 12 trillion sperm.

    Excessive alcohol and/or drug intake can damage sperm.

    Smoking cigarettes can lower the number of sperm in semen by up to half and cause impotence.

    Semen is the fluid that is ejaculated that carries the sperm.

    Seminal fluid contains many chemicals, including metal, salt ions, sugars, lipids, hormones, amino acids and enzymes. This fluid provides the protection and the nutrition for the millions of sperm on their journey (wherever that journey maybe).

    Those boogers swim FAST.

    Sperm swim at a rate of about 3 millimetres per minute, although some sperm cells are better swimmers than others. They have to wave their tails over 200 times a minute to cover those 3 millimetres.

    Source: worsleyschool.net

    Whenever I hear the word sperm, this song instantly comes to my head. This could be the result of my Catholic upbringing…

    Article Posted 7 years Ago

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