Sperm Donors Father More Than 100 Children: Families Outraged

Sperm: A hot commodity

I didn’t know this but apparently some men who donate sperm to banks have fathered more than 100 children.


Shouldn’t there be a cap on that kind of thing?  Or doesn’t it matter?

As reports, there are calls for tighter regulation on just how many times someone’s sperm can be used.  According to the Times some sperm banks allow donors to father lots and lots of kids.  One man has over 150 children out there roaming the planet.  Apparently that creates a problem in that rare genetic conditions could be spread more widely through that gene pool.  Also, what if children of the same donor meet and unknowingly  commit incest.  It could happen!  Get this, one mom says she taught her daughter her sperm donor’s number so that she can avoid the latter possibility.

Now, many of these parents want tighter regulation so that donor children can know more about their donors, and the number of kids from each donor can be limited. Not to mention sperm donors who would rather not have hundreds of biological kids.

Of course, some sperm banks don’t like this as they make money off selling the same man’s sperm to lots of women.  There are good fertility clinics out there that care about honoring donors’ wishes and positive outcomes for families so many would adjust their rules accordingly.  I mean, really.  Is it ever a good idea for someone to have 150 kids?

As a woman, would you sell your eggs?  Would you care how many kids were born as a result?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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