Q&A: Are spontaneous orgasms during pregnancy safe?

Q: I am 35 years old and am currently 10 weeks pregnant and throughout my pregnancy I have been experiencing involuntary orgasm while I am sleeping, followed by intense cramping. Why is this happening and what can I do to prevent it? I feel that it may lead to a miscarriage. Is it possible?

A: Orgasms, even on purpose, have never proven to be a concern in normal pregnancies. Your spontaneous orgasms are probably similar to the noctrunal emissions men have, except the female event is probably more mentally motivated (dreams, frustrations, anxieties, libido, etc.) than men’s, which have a physical provocation with build up of semen. Since the statistics are on your side, don’t worry. The cramping after are the remnants of uterine orgasmic contractions after the pleasure has diminished—same thing. Report it to your doctor anyway. He or she may be able to reassure you with success stories from patients with similar experiences.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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