Study Shows Tea Increases Fertility, While Soda Decreases It

When we talked about getting pregnant my husband and I made grand plans. I would decrease my caffeine intake to a minimal level, we would exercise more regularly so we were in good shape. We’d eat good food and be generally very healthy so that when we got pregnant and our child was born, we would be perfect role models. There would be no alcohol, lots of rest and all that good stuff.

And then, a month ahead of schedule, we got pregnant. Obviously, we were thrilled, but none of the things we’d planned actually happened. We were eating not so well, we were not exercising. In fact, the night before we found out about the baby, I had a beer with dinner, which is something I never, ever do.

Though our future trying to conceive days are a few years away, a study that popped up on a news site this week caught my eye and I won’t lie, I filed away it’s link for future reference.

The study, conducted by Elizabeth Hatch at Boston University, looked at caffeine intake on fertility, and especially compared intake of tea with intake of soda. The results were pretty interesting. They discovered that women were 27% more likely to conceive if they drank tea regularly and those who drank 2 sodas a day had 20% less change of becoming pregnant. Coffee had no significant impact.

What’s interesting is that all these drinks have caffeine, so the aim of the study went a little bit off topic, but the results are pretty interesting. Tea has been kind of a mystery to me during pregnancy since there are some that you’re apparently supposed to avoid, but other sources insist that green tea is the key to health.

Obviously, if you’re looking to conceive you shouldn’t run out and consume an entire store worth of tea. But as long as you’re being reasonable with the types and amounts of tea and caffeine, it seems like a pretty simple thing you can do that might just boost your chances at getting pregnant. Along with ditching the sodas, which your body will probably thank you for anyways.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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