Study Suggests Pregnant Women Are at Risk When the Weather Is… Nice

An Australian study looking at the relationship between still and premature births and the weather has found that when temperatures go up, so does the likelihood of early labor or stillbirth.

Numbers of stillborn and premature babies were lower when the daily temperature average was around 59 degrees but once it reached 73 degrees, they increased.

I read this on Science Daily and thought, Now we have to be afraid of a lovely spring day? This doesn’t make sense! A Jezebel blogger nailed it in a post called,“Pregnant Mothers Should Be Terrified Of Mildly Warm Days.” She writes, “Let’s just seal moms-to-be into human-sized, climate-controlled boxes for nine months and have done with it.”

The lead author of the study worries that “as global temperatures rise, the study could have serious public health implications” and cautions that, “pregnant women should protect themselves from overheating to reduce the likelihood of pre-term or stillbirths.”

It’s one thing to forgo the steaming hot tub, but to avoid a … nice day? Isn’t life hard enough? My advice is: Do what you’re already doing! Dress for the fact that you feel like a furnace (even in the winter, most of America’s interiors are totally overheated), and quench your thirst. Dehydration can cause premature labor. Seriously, just keep the fluids coming and enjoy whatever gently warm and mild weather you can get your bump into.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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